Friday, August 31, 2012

The City

Song: The City
Artist: Madeon
Album: The City

Getting some international buzz going is new-to-the-scene French DJ/Producer Madeon (Hugo Pierre Leclercq) who first made a splash with his grand-supreme audio/video mash-up "Pop Culture." (see below)  Since, the Frenchman has remixed the likes of The Killers and Deadmau5, and this Summer played the Ultra Festival, Coachella, and Electric Daisy.

Oh, and he's eighteen years old. (gulp)

Apparently he is working on producing tracks for Lady Gaga's new record, while he continues to release one-off singles himself.

The latest, "The City" was recently released with vocals from Zak Waters.  I like it, edgy yet catchy... and a good party starter.  Use this to get fired up for your weekend.


The City
Pop Culture

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Give it Some Time (Morgan Page Remix)

Song: Give it Some Time (Morgan Page Remix)
Artist: Reuben Keeney Feat. Glenn Rosborough
Album: Give it Some Time

Well, after yesterday's relax, now it's time to get a little fired up for Labor Day Weekend...

Friend and reader Luis clued me into this amazing track he discovered while vacationing in Paris.

Reuben Keeney is an Irish DJ and producer who is just getting some worldwide recognition for his records.  In 2009 he was awarded "Best New Artist" at the Irish Dance Music Awards.

Here is his latest single remixed by the amazing Morgan Page, who delivers a Thin White Duke-esque transcendental mix of the song.  Euphoria!

Here a little more on his Soundcloud page.


Give it Some Time (Morgan Page Remix)
Coming Up (Steve Mac Remix)
Esatue (Original Club Mix)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why You Wanna

Song: Why You Wanna
Artist: Poolside
Album: Pacific Standard Time

It might be the last official weekend of the Summer, but now you can have the calm serenity of a lazy Summer day... any day, with L.A. Duo Poolside's fab new slice of "Daytime Disco, "Pacific Standard Time."

I've been a recent sucker for these daylight hours, cocktail-time, laid-back house mix albums and "P.S.T." comes as a late-Summer surprise.  It's seventy-two minutes of blissed-out downtempo grooves best enjoyed by some kind of body of water.  Or in my case... my office.

Filip Nikolic & Jeffrey Paradise formed Poolside in 2011, a distraction from their soul-raking work trying to write hit songs for pop stars.  Apparently "P.S.T." was written very quickly and on much alcohol.  It still manages to be a killer listen.

This is another great mood record that also works for cleaning house, doing your bills, or finally organizing the pantry.  Vocals are minimal and usually hidden behind layers and layers of effects, it's about mood, relaxing, and the transcendental experience of doing absolutely nothing and having it feel like everything.

Check out the Hercules and Love Affair-esque "Why You Wanna," as well as their insane minimalist-disco take on Neil Young's "Harvest Moon."  But this is an album less about key tracks and more about the journey taken.  Just put it on and chill the fuck out okay?

REALLY enjoying this one, check it out.


Why You Wanna
Harvest Moon
Give it a Rest

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)

Song: Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Album: Spectrum

Okay so admittedly this isn't that new...

Florence has managed to release five singles from her sophomore album "Ceremonials" in the U.K. with a sixth coming in October.  Thanks to WeCast long-time favorite and now top producer Calvin Harris, Florence scored her first number one in the UK with "Spectrum," best known for the larger-than-life chorus of "SAY MY NAAAAAAAAME!!!!"

I bring this to you late in the game as I've just heard a new track for Calvin's forthcoming third album "18 Months" featuring Florence herself.  It's pretty amazing, and I'll be sharing soon...

But this track is certainly a primer, and all kinds of incredible.  I honestly wouldn't mind Florence and Calvin doing an entire record together.  It won't happen of course... but she seems to really fit his sound in the same way that Sia is hitting something amazing working with David Guetta.

Check out some other great Florence remixes below.


Spectrum (Calvin Harris Mix)
Shake It Out (Benny Benassi Remix)
Dog Days Are Over (Yeasayer Remix)

Monday, August 27, 2012


Song: Leaving
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Elysium

A new Pet Shop Boys album is cause for joy indeed, and the Boys are returning with their eleventh (!!) studio album "Elysium," set for release next week.  After the very pop oriented "Yes," the band's sound was seemingly taking a more downbeat bent when they released "Invisible," a slow, piano and electronics album track back in June.  Then came first proper single "Winner," which might go down as my least-favorite PSB first-single ever.  Ugh.

"Winner" seemed to be written for the Olympics, though they did not perform it during the closing ceremony.  It just seemed so limp and a bit cheesy.... I was quite worried about this album.

But I'm happy to report the record is rather good.  It is downbeat, and reminded me of a mix of their downbeat masterpiece "Release," as well as 1990's classic "Behavior."

Opening track and second single "Leaving" puts all worries to the side as the Boys deliver a classic-sounding PSB mid-tempo number that has a breezy, island vacation vibe... it's amazing, and I think should have been the first single.  Oddly, the two tracks that we've heard, "Invisible" and "Winner" come up to drag the album down a bit. (though admittedly, "Winner" does sound better in the context of the album.)  Things get back to form with the lush "Your Early Stuff" and then the upbeat "Face Like That."  More classic-sounding Pet Shop Boys.

"Breathing Space" is a beautiful acoustic-guitar lead ballad that borders the cheesiness"Winner" ultimately succumbs to, but remains quite beautiful and actually... uplifting.  I'm not sure how I feel about "Ego Music," a faster-paced moment that's a touch to pretentious, falling victim to it's own point. Though it's a pretty nice listen.  "Hold On" on the other hand is a bit hard to take... it's a touch musical theater.  I'll leave it at that.

By the end, with a few more tracks that are ultimate PSB, including the amazing "Memory of the Future," you realize the boys have delivered another actual winner.  Continuing one of the best legacies of electronic pop music in its history.  Bravo!


Your Early Stuff

Friday, August 24, 2012

Parking Lot

Song: Parking Lot
Artist: Nelly Furtado
Album: The Spirit Indestructible

What is happening?

Nelly Furtado has a new album coming out... the long awaited follow up to her global smash "Loose" from six years ago.  AND... nobody seems to care.  She's now moving onto her third single from the upcoming album and it seems nobody's paying attention to any of it.

This is a shame.  It's all been pretty amazing.

I really really liked first single "Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)" and the title-track follow-up for the album, "Spirit Indestructible" was even better.  Now we have "Parking Lot," a mid-tempo number that's quite punchy and fun, loved it immediately.  But will this track be the one to finally get some attention for her and the album?  Dunno.

"Parking Lot" has reminded me of "Say it Right," in terms of tempo,  and I immediately heard traces of Britney's amazing b-side "Amnesia" in the beat.  There is something special about it.

Well, I for one can't wait for the record.  Take a listen to these three singles below and get excited!


Parking Lot
Spirit Indestructible
Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miriam (Peter Bjorn and John Remix)

Song: Miriam (Peter Bjorn and John Remix)
Artist: Norah Jones
Album: Miriam Single

I had surprised myself in how much I enjoyed Norah Jones last record, '09's "The Fall," as I'd never gotten into her much in the past.  A little too boring.  And yet, "The Fall" wasn't much of a departure from her early material... it just really grabbed me.  Gorgeous.

The follow-up, "Little Broken Hearts," produced by Danger Mouse was anything but boring, it was a bit of a departure for Jones both sonically and lyrically.  I loved loved loved first single "Happy Pills," but must admit the album left me semi-cold, it's broken-hearted bitterness leaving a not so nice taste in my mouth.

I'll admit it might not just have been the album for me at the time... maybe in the future it will all click in.  There were amazing moments that joined "Pills" for sure, the slinky-boozy "Say Goodbye," where she sounds as gorgeous as she does sad, and the Raveonettes-meets-Neko Case "4 Broken Hearts."

There was a hint that she wanted to make a true psyh-out dark rockabilly record... maybe this was just Norah's spin.  Well, Sweden's Peter, Bjorn, and John must have heard what I heard as they've remixed  the super-odd-choice second single "Miriam," which is one of the creepiest girl gon' crazy tracks I've ever heard.  The album's muted, Twin Peaks-esque stalker ballad vibe is very un-Norah, but PB&J take in a more rollicking, dirty Roadhouse groove-fest.  It's quite fitting, and rather sexy.


Miriam (Peter, Bjorn, & John Remix)

Say Goodbye
4 Broken Hearts

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every Inch of You

Song: Every Inch of You
Artist: The Darkness
Album: Hot Cakes

Well this was a surprise... The Darkness are back!

After the commercially unsuccessful sophomore album, 2005's "One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back," the band took a looooong hiatus to let lead singer Justin Hawkins do rehab for alcohol and cocaine.  Yikes.

I personally loved "One Way Ticket," found it the perfect over-the-top follow-up to their debut, but it just didn't have a single that could contend with the legacy of their tongue-in-cheek, return-to-rock anthem "I Believe in a Thing Called Love."  Too bad, that record is pretty great.

They've returned after seven years away with the well-named "Hot Cakes," featuring a perfectly over-the-top cover of some bikini-clad chicks on pancakes.  To get everyone back to speed, first track "Every Inch of You" tells The Darkness story thus far, and features a falsetto break in which Hawkins screams "suck my cock" in his trademark yelp.  Wow.

"Hot Cakes" isn't a revelation, but there are a handful of good songs and serves more as a welcome return from the brink vs. sure-fire hit packed.  But hell... I thought they did that with "One Way Ticket."  But it's packed with their wink-wink hair metal and calls-to-party guitar anthems.  It could be a lot worse.

They've decided to end the album with a definitive studio version of their live favorite cover of Radiohead's "Street Spirit (Fade Out.)"  If you haven't heard it... you're in for a treat. (listen below) If you were a fan of the band, you should definitely check this out.

Currently on tour opening for Lady Gaga for the Born This Way Ball.


Every Inch of You
Everybody Have a Good Time
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#1 in Heaven

Song: #1 in Heaven
Artist: MNDR
Album: Feed Me Diamonds

MNDR the band are Brooklyn-based Amanda Warner and Peter Wade.  Warner moved to NYC from Oakland to start a songwriting career in 2008, but it wasn't until she met Wade that she considered leading a musical act herself.  She goes by the MNDR moniker herself, but the band includes Wade.

After uploading some tracks to MySpace in 2009, and opening for YACHT and Massive Attack, MNDR released an E.P. in 2010.  The debut album, "Feed Me Diamonds" was just released on Ultra Records.

I'm really liking the sound of the record, as well as singles "#1 in Heaven" and "Faster Horses."  There's a Charli XCX/Icona Pop-esqueness to her sound, with shades of Robyn, though less pop.

MNDR is probably best known for co-writing and guesting on Mark Ronson and the Business Intl.'s single "Bang Bang Bang."  (She came up with the hook in French.)

Check out the SSION lead singer-directed video for "#1 in Heaven" below.


#1 in Heaven
Faster Horses
Cut Me Out

Thursday, August 16, 2012

National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix)

Song: National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix)
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: National Anthem

I've gone from mild curiosity, to "I do like this album," and now; full on obsession.  I'm in love with Lana Del Rey.

Many of you might be saying, "Isn't that the awkward chick that couldn't sing on Saturday Night Live?"  And you'd be half right.  But let me let you in on a little secret... she's amazing.

I've really come around on Lana's debut album, "Born to Die," which I liked initially but didn't find life-changing.  That wasn't the start of my obsession...

When she released her third single "Blue Jeans," I really dug the remixes that got done for the single, and then became obsessed with the Penguin Prison remix of the track.  (see below) Different, sexy, and for the first time I heard the humor in the song.  This was the turning point.

Lana has this tragic pinup meets bored model, meets all-American songstress vibe that if taken completely seriously, could border on pretension.  But when you hear her sing; "I would love to you then end of time... probably a million years," in this dead-pan singing voice, it's just so ridiculous you can't not smile.  Anyhow...

4th single "Summertime Sadness" got an amazing loungy-house remix by Reich & Belich (see below) that I also adored.  I started listening to "Born to Die" a bit more.

THEN of course the master of the remix, Fred Falke, got his hands on her latest single "National Anthem" and it was all over.  It's one of my favorite remixes of the year, has turned into one of my favorite Lana songs.  And she just happened to deliver her best video to go along with the album version of the song.   Which I will force you to watch now...

Umm... right?!?!  A$AP Rocky as J.F.K.?  Is this happening?

Then homegirl drops a mixtape (?!?!) called "God Bless America" no less, which contains tons of remastered, unreleased tracks including a cover of "The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA."  I'm dead.

Recently five new unreleased tracks came out of nowhere that are pretty amazing, including the goofy, dancy "Go Go Dancer" as well as soooo-Lana gems "Summer of Sam" and "Serial Killer."

It has grown into full on obsession with this Fred Falke remix which I can't stop listening to... not to mention just everything else.  It seems she's been locked in a recording studio since she was fifteen writing and recording songs, and now she's just been released to shoot jaw-droppingly beautiful videos.


In November we'll see the re-release of "Born to Die" with a bunch of new songs.  Can't wait!

What do you think of Lana Del Rey?  Have I lost my mind?


National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix)
Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)
Summertime Sadness (Reich & Bleich Remix)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Her Fantasy

Song: Her Fantasy
Artist: Matthew Dear
Album: Beams

New album from electro-house weirdo Matthew Dear, coming two years after his widely received "Black City" which I was a fan of.

"Beams" picks up where "City" left off, continuing the dark, bubbling, deep-voiced electro music that's great for low-light basement parties and overall compromising situations.

Matthew Dear's music is pure sex to me, and while "Beams" does work as very effective mood music, there's enough going on for a proper listen.  There's a bit more guitar work on this effort, helping to distinguish this from "Black City," but it's Matthew Dear all the way.

Let this freak you out.


Her Fantasy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Artist: Azealia Banks

The beginning of this year has seen just the (beginning of the ) rise of one Miss Azealia Banks, who made a big-ish splash with her potty-mouth first single, the extraordinary "212."  She released a four-track EP including the debut track as well as noteworthy tracks "Liquorice" and "Van Vogue."

We're still waiting for what is said to be the debut single from her upcoming full-length album, but in the meantime she's given us a variety of Twitter wars, beefs with the likes of T.I., Nicki Minaj, and somebody named Jim Jones, but MORE importantly, a mixtape of older material that I found a couple gems off, and most recently... a brand NEW mixtape called "FANTASEA" that could be a debut album in it's own right.

Mixtapes are usually a... ahem, mixed bag, but what makes FANTASEA worth mentioning is that not only is it continuing hype for her debut, further demonstrating her insane rapid-fire flow, but also shows the wild, all-over-the-place influences of this very young hip-hop talent.  I'm not much of a rap fan, but "FANTASEA" excels by simply having Azealia spit her flow over an increasingly interesting set of backing tracks, many that reference a lot of 90's house.

I've been hearing a return to 90's sounds in popular music, and maybe Azealia is the final bridge to this.    Take a listen to "FIERCE" with it's "Paris is Burning" dialogue lifts, or "Esta Noche," which uses a backing track by Munchi which infuses house beats with Montell Jordan's "Get it On Tonight."  Pretty amazing.

You can listen to all of "FANTASEA" on her website, the colorfully named Kunt.FM.

I think we're all going to be hearing a lot about Azealia Banks.  You ready?

WeCast recommendation... listen to the below tracks and then hit the "Liquorice" at the top of the post and watch the video.  This girl is a STAR.



Monday, August 13, 2012


Song: Headphones
Artist: Little Boots
Album: Headphones

Okay, so I've already let you all know that Little Boots has her sophomore album coming out but...

a) The first song "Shake" was more of a grower than immediate dancepop gold.

b) Second released track "Every Night I Say a Prayer" was even better.

c) We still don't know when the album is coming, but she released a song that I'm starting to think is a stone-cold classic that I couldn't not share with you.

First official single "Headphones" has been on constant repeat since I got it back in June.  Love love love it and am surprised it hasn't taken off more.  Well, not that she had much play here in the States but at least the gay clubs played "New in Town," I'm not hearing this anywhere.

With three great tracks thus far, you can color me excited about this album.  Also check out the Dimitri from Paris remix below, turns the track into early-Madonna "Holiday-like" gold.


Every Night I Say a Prayer

Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Anything Can Happen

Song: Anything Can Happen
Artist: Ellie Goulding
Album: Halcyon

I first heard of Ellie Goulding back in early 2010 when her debut album "Lights" was making big waves in her native England.  I liked the record, but missed that it was re-released as "Bright Lights," later that year and contained her amazing cover of Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World,) as well as Elton John's "Your Song," which reached #2 in the UK, and was subsequently performed at the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace.

Also on the re-release was the song/title track "Lights" which served as the sixth over-all single from the debut campaign and second from the re-release.  It was used as the initial single here in the States this May, and became a surprise hit.  It would end up getting to #2, making it the slowest climb to a top-5 position in it's 29th week, a Billboard record.

While the States are just getting a taste of Ellie, Europe has been chomping at the bit for new material, and this October she'll be releasing her proper sophomore album "Halcyon."  The first proper single is the elegantly marching "Anything Can Happen," which I'm quite enjoying.

The production is pretty lush, and I'm hearing slight Annie Lennox, and separately, Kylie Minogue vibes from this.  Quite good.

I don't know if this screams "hit" to me, but "Lights" didn't seem like US Top 40 material... let alone top 2.

What do you think?


Anything Can Happen
Hanging On

Thursday, August 09, 2012

She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)

Song: She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)
Artist: David Guetta feat. Sia
Album: Nothing But the Beat (3rd, 4th, or 5th Reissue)

Back when I first heard "Nothing But the Beat," I was disappointed with the very urban-pop leaning tracks, missing some of the more adventurous moments and collaborators Guetta had produced on his last record.  But was pleasantly surprised with the very last track on the album, his collaboration with Australian singer-songwriter and new low-profile pop singer-songwriter Sia.  That track "Titanium" was so immediate for me and my favorite track on the record by far.  Back last September when I highlighted the song I insisted it would never be a single.  Well... boy is my face red.  It's become one of the biggest singles of the album, and a certified Summer jam.

WeCast Moment... ending a four-hour, 400-man open-air dance party on a boat hearing "Titanium" as the sun was setting and slowly pulling into Provincetown Harbor.  Magic indeed.

Possibly on the strength of her amazing collab with Flo Rida "Wild Ones," and of course "Titanium," Sia has re-teamed with Guetta for another track that will end up on one of the re-releases of "Nothing But the Beat. (He re-released his last record four times I believe.)  It's oddly titled "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)" (Shakira?) and isn't quite as instant as "Titanium" in my book, but it's got a great drop and honestly... I just love hearing Sia's voice over dance beats.  It's amazing.

Does this have a chance at being "Titanium" strong?


She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)
Wild Ones

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Song: Jamaica
Artist: Van She
Album: Idea of Happiness

Van She are a Sydney, Australia-based electropop band that I first heard via their '05/'08 single "Kelly."  I actually never got their debut record, sort of forgot about them, aside from coming across an interesting cover of The Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper."

The band have just released their sophomore album, "Idea of Happiness" and it's quite good.  This is a summer record filled with lazy-yet-gropping melodies, synths, and at times a Fleetwood Mac-esque take on electro.  Steel drum and similar-sounding percussion dance on a warm ocean breeze, as glorious synths take you away.  This should have soundtrack-ed my entire Summer.

Singles like the title track and "Jamaica" really pop, but it's songs like "You're My Rescue," which sounds like the band might break into Mac's "You Make Loving Fun" that hint at something more than just a catchy collection of dancepop.

Really have been enjoying this record, check it out.


Ideas of Happiness
You're My Rescue

Monday, August 06, 2012


Song: Ruin
Artist: Cat Power
Album: Sun

I can't believe it's been six years since "The Greatest," Cat Power's last album of original material.  But next month, the wait is over as Chan Marshall is releasing her ninth studio album "Sun."

Oddly, it had been reported that work on the record happened quite soon after "The Greatest," with the title mentioned way back in a 2007 interview.  According to reports the album was delayed a bit by her 2008 covers album "Jukebox" as well as a relationship with actor Giovanni Ribisi.

Regardless, "Sun" is here and it's rather good.

Working with more electronics, some synthesizers and drum machines, "Sun" is only a slight departure from Marshall's previous work, but retains her soulful brand of art-folk.  At times spare and other quite groovy... "Sun" is great listen and recommended for fans of her previous work.



Friday, August 03, 2012

Every Inch

Song: Every Inch
Artist: Florrie
Album: Late [EP]

After discovering Florrie in 2010, I've been eagerly awaiting a full debut album from the English electro-pop singer-songwriter.  And I'm still waiting...

After a couple of singles she released the pretty amazing four-track EP "Introduction" which featured one of my favorite tracks of 2010, "Summer Nights."  Last year she released another four-tracker called "Experiments" that I couldn't get into.

New year, new EP.  May saw the release of "Late," which seems fittingly titled.  This one is a keeper though, with single "Shot You Down" and opener "Every Inch" being highlights.  But where is this album?!?!

Well, after the release of the EP she said she was signed to a major and this would be the last independent work prior to the album.  Okay then.

At least she keeps giving us a bit of gold to keep us interested.  "Every Inch" has been a staple on my iPod for months.


Every Inch
Shot You Down
I'm Gonna Get You Back

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Song: Henrietta
Artist: Yeasayer
Album: Fragrant World

This requires immediate action!!!

Brooklyn indie-rock act Yeasayer are gearing up to release their third album "Fragrant World" and have done an odd thing... they've leaked it, sort of... for a very short period.

Back in May the band sent a couple random people on their mailing list a CD with their first single, "Henrietta" with the instructions to leak it!
Now, the band has leaked the entire album onto the internet but hid it.  They put this up on their website:
So up until 9PM tomorrow, the entire new Yeasayer album is somewhere on the internet!  When I heard of this, there were two songs found:

Blue Paper :

Reagan's Skeleton :

Every song has a crazy visual with it, so let the hunt begin!

I've listened to several tracks and am REALLY liking what I hear.  It's wild, psychedelic funk with some amazing production.  Very very exciting.  I was such a fan of their last record, "Odd Blood" and look forward this new one.

Now of course, I have found where you can hear all of the tracks... but only until 9PM tomorrow!  Take a listen here.



Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Judy's Turn to Cry

Song: Judy's Turn to Cry
Artist: Lesley Gore
Album: I'll Cry if I Want To

This is an old favorite of mine that happened to pop up on a beach-y playlist I have the other day and it's managed to follow me around for days since.  So now... I give it to you. :)

"Judy's Turn to Cry" was the rushed "sequel" follow-up to Gore's hit debut single "It's My Party" in 1963.  As a matter of fact, "Party" hit the hot 100 on May 11th, and she was in the studio recording "Judy" on the 14th!  It's a continuation on the story in "Party," though it has Gore getting back at Judy for taking her man Johnny.  Drama!

It cracks me up a bit that Gore's initial splash in the business was all about crying.  Not only these first two singles, but the debut album in which they appear, "I'll Cry if I Want To" has no less than half of the tracks with the word "cry" in the title!  Kind of depressing if you think about it, but funny now.  Can you imagine if any new female artist marketed herself around crying?  Man things have changed.

This song is so ridiculous, it works really well in the middle of just about any party playlist.  A great WTF? moment.


Judy's Turn to Cry
It's My Party
She's a Fool