Thursday, August 16, 2012

National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix)

Song: National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix)
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: National Anthem

I've gone from mild curiosity, to "I do like this album," and now; full on obsession.  I'm in love with Lana Del Rey.

Many of you might be saying, "Isn't that the awkward chick that couldn't sing on Saturday Night Live?"  And you'd be half right.  But let me let you in on a little secret... she's amazing.

I've really come around on Lana's debut album, "Born to Die," which I liked initially but didn't find life-changing.  That wasn't the start of my obsession...

When she released her third single "Blue Jeans," I really dug the remixes that got done for the single, and then became obsessed with the Penguin Prison remix of the track.  (see below) Different, sexy, and for the first time I heard the humor in the song.  This was the turning point.

Lana has this tragic pinup meets bored model, meets all-American songstress vibe that if taken completely seriously, could border on pretension.  But when you hear her sing; "I would love to you then end of time... probably a million years," in this dead-pan singing voice, it's just so ridiculous you can't not smile.  Anyhow...

4th single "Summertime Sadness" got an amazing loungy-house remix by Reich & Belich (see below) that I also adored.  I started listening to "Born to Die" a bit more.

THEN of course the master of the remix, Fred Falke, got his hands on her latest single "National Anthem" and it was all over.  It's one of my favorite remixes of the year, has turned into one of my favorite Lana songs.  And she just happened to deliver her best video to go along with the album version of the song.   Which I will force you to watch now...

Umm... right?!?!  A$AP Rocky as J.F.K.?  Is this happening?

Then homegirl drops a mixtape (?!?!) called "God Bless America" no less, which contains tons of remastered, unreleased tracks including a cover of "The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA."  I'm dead.

Recently five new unreleased tracks came out of nowhere that are pretty amazing, including the goofy, dancy "Go Go Dancer" as well as soooo-Lana gems "Summer of Sam" and "Serial Killer."

It has grown into full on obsession with this Fred Falke remix which I can't stop listening to... not to mention just everything else.  It seems she's been locked in a recording studio since she was fifteen writing and recording songs, and now she's just been released to shoot jaw-droppingly beautiful videos.


In November we'll see the re-release of "Born to Die" with a bunch of new songs.  Can't wait!

What do you think of Lana Del Rey?  Have I lost my mind?


National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix)
Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)
Summertime Sadness (Reich & Bleich Remix)

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