Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)

Song: Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Album: Spectrum

Okay so admittedly this isn't that new...

Florence has managed to release five singles from her sophomore album "Ceremonials" in the U.K. with a sixth coming in October.  Thanks to WeCast long-time favorite and now top producer Calvin Harris, Florence scored her first number one in the UK with "Spectrum," best known for the larger-than-life chorus of "SAY MY NAAAAAAAAME!!!!"

I bring this to you late in the game as I've just heard a new track for Calvin's forthcoming third album "18 Months" featuring Florence herself.  It's pretty amazing, and I'll be sharing soon...

But this track is certainly a primer, and all kinds of incredible.  I honestly wouldn't mind Florence and Calvin doing an entire record together.  It won't happen of course... but she seems to really fit his sound in the same way that Sia is hitting something amazing working with David Guetta.

Check out some other great Florence remixes below.


Spectrum (Calvin Harris Mix)
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