Friday, April 19, 2013

Get Lucky (Radio Edit)

Song: Get Lucky  (Radio Edit)
Artist: Daft Punk
Album: Random Access Memories

Daft Punk return with the first single off their highly anticipated fourth album Random Access Memories, and man is it a corker.

"Get Lucky" finds the robot duo teaming up with Pharrell and disco legend Nile Rodgers, the result is a groove-tastic throwback that's just smooth. as. butter.  It sounds classic, a bit futuristic, and a song that'll be celebrated from years to come.  (WeCastPrediction)

This is the radio edit, which is all that's been released thus far.  The album version is reportedly over six minutes long, so may be a bit more epic.

I'm really loving this and can't WAIT for the album.


Get Lucky (Radio Edit)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't on the Dancefloor)

Song: If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't on the Dancefloor)
Artist: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
Album: Patterns

I unfortunately ignored Detroit-based indie-rock group Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s debut, It's a Corporate World, which came out in 2011.  Well, not sure how unfortunate as I still haven't listened to it... it's just that I'm really digging their new single, "If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't on the Dancefloor)," which grabbed me by the name alone.

The band just released an EP entitled Patterns this week containing the single and three other new tracks.  Sonically it's hard to pin down... a bit off-kilter psychedelic sounds, some Beatle-esque harmonies, electronic, sometimes stuttered backbeats... very cool.

I'm now prepping to do a bit of homework on these guys and give the debut it's proper chance, but this single is worth checking out regardless.


If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't on the Dancefloor)
Dark Water

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back 2 the Wild

Song: Back 2 the Wild
Artist: Basement Jaxx
Album: Music

I distinctly remember buying Basement Jaxx first album, Remedy back in college.  Aside from getting L.A. Style debut album (whoa!) it was the first "techno" album I'd gotten.  It's hard not to see it as pretty straight-forward dance-pop music now, but I remember at the time it was my intro into (semi-underground) electronic dance music.  (As a boy growing up in the rural U.S.)  I also remember my friends didn't much care for it, and people who I knew that were into "techno" didn't care for it either.  Oh well.

Cut to fourteen years later and Basement Jaxx are still doing it.  Good on them... and well hey, good on me for spotting the brilliance way back then!

"Back 2 the Wild" is the English duo's first single from their upcoming 7th album Music which is due sometime this year.  It's another bat shit-crazy world-music-sounds meets the dancefloor romp.  It reminds me of "Raindrops" a little, very very Basement Jaxx.  I like it.

Their last three albums didn't grab me as much as their first three... but I've always got time for Basement Jaxx, as mentioned... they are an important part of my musical history.


Back 2 the Wild

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yung Rapunxel

Song: Yung Rapunxel
Artist: Azealia Banks
Album: Broke With Expensive Taste

Here's a little double-Tuesday WeCast bonus.

The just released MENTAL video for Azealia's first single off the much anticipated (and delayed) debut album, which still doesn't have a release date. (But apparently this year.)  "Yung Rapunxel" leaked a couple weeks ago and I have had a hard time trying to decide how I feel about it.

The track is loud, angry, aggressive, and in your face.  Might be the perfect big-league intro to such a firecracker personality... but surely, they're not expecting this to be a hit are they?

Well, this assault of the senses doesn't sound very catchy at all, but I haven't been able to stop listening to it.  It's racket for sure but it's gotten under my skin.  And coupled with the outrageous video... it feels like something.  This could be important.

What's the word... too much?


Yung Rapunxel


Song: Alive
Artist: Empire of the Sun
Album: Ice on the Dune

It was a pleasant surprise when, on March 11th the following appeared on the internets:

Yes!  Drama!  The return of Empire of the Sun!

Not so long after PNAU's latest AND the Elton John collab, Nick Littlemore is back with his most popular band.

The band relaunched its website, and while I can't seem to find this (possibly changed) it did have placeholders for the following dates:

          March 15th
          March 22nd
          March 29th
          April 8th

March 15th was yesterday (if you're keeping track) and the band revealed the first single off sophomore album "Ice on the Dune."  "Alive" certainly keeps up with the bands sound from the debut, and while initial listens didn't seem to pack the punch of a "Walking on a Dream" or "We Are the People," after a couple spins that chorus is really hitting me.

More than anything, I'm happy we're getting another album.

"Ice on the Dune" is set of release on June 8th.



Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Time (Penguin Prison Remix)

Song: It's Time (Penguin Prison Remix)
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: It's Time Remixes

Imagine Dragons are a Las Vegas-based pop-rock act that's been together since 2007, and after some lineup shifting, released their debut album "Night Visions" in late September.  I've listened the album once and it's pretty serviceable pop-rock music, not all that exciting...

BUT, last year's debut single from the album, "It's Time," which has been a slow-growing minor hit, has been given the remix treatment, and WeCast favorite Penguin Prison hit it out of the park with their infectious take on the track.

Happy Friday!

Penguin Prison's debut album made my best of list in 2011, and have previously flipped for his amazing remix of Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans," (see below) as well as his collab with RAC. His "It's Time" gives the song a confident, sexy little bounce that is truly infectious.


The Kat Krazy remix goes a little harder for the dancefloor, and the JailBreaks remix is a bit more laid-back, and yet has a semi-annoying reverb thing going on that I'm just not digging.  Penguin Prison for the hands-down win.

Check out some other PP remixes below, but I've also put together a little Spotify playlist if you don't know them at all.  Remixes as well as the debut album:


It's Time (Penguin Prison Remix) - Imagine Dragons

Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix) - Lana Del Rey
Too Young (Penguin Prison Remix) - Ghost Beach

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beam Me Up

Song: Beam Me Up
Artist: Close
Album: Getting Closer

Sexy, mysterious electro-house track from equally mysterious, who-are-they band Close.  Well... it's Simple Records/Aus Music Executive/DJ/Producer Will Saul... and it's pretty hot.

Album will feature the likes of October, Fink, Applebim, and Scuba and Charlene Soraia, who appear on "Beam Me Up."

Just heard this.  Just liked this.  Just shared this.


Beam Me Up

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Imagine It Was Us

Song: Imagine It Was Us
Artist: Jesse Ware
Album: Devotion: The Gold Edition

If you haven't picked up Jessie Ware's 2012 debut "Devotion" yet, here yet another reason to do so...  The album is being re-released as a "Gold Edition" with some new tracks including the new single "Imagine it Was Us," which is one my favorite things she's ever done.

Adding a house-y beat to her brand of modern-Sade R&B, Ware effortlessly and flawlessly adds a new element to her sound that I certainly wasn't expecting.  The just released video (see below) has her seriously vying as the heir to Janet Jackson's long-deserted throne.  Floored.

Listen to this immediately, then go buy this record!


Don't forget about the Tumblr...

Imagine it Was Us
Wildest Moments (Remix feat. A$AP Rocky)
Running (Disclosure Remix)

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Yeah Yeah

Song: Yeah Yeah
Artist: Willy Moon
Album: Here's Willy Moon


I'm not sure if I even love this, but this is just the kind of shot-in-the-arm that pop music needs right now.  Nothing new, but very different... interesting.

Willy Moon is a twenty-three year old New Zealand native whom moved to London when he was eighteen.  He recorded the single "I Wanna Be Your Man" in 2010 (found on Here's Willy Moon) and uploaded it to MySpace, which lead to his signing at Island Records.

Moon's music is an eclectic mix of 50s-style rockabilly, a bit of Big Band, hip-hop, electronic-dance, dirge-ish gritty rock... it's all over the place, but in the best way.  The album is quite a journey, worth checking out.

"Yeah Yeah," the lead single from the album appeared prominently in an Apple iPod ad from last year. In those tearms, I hear a little of Caesars' iPod ad hit "Jerk it Out" here, but that's only a fraction of his sound, as you'll hear "Yeah Yeah" also employ many hip-hop elements.

Also check out new single "My Girl" which sounds like five songs I know that can't seem to name.  This guy is all over the place.


Don't forget about the Tumblr...

Yeah Yeah
My Girl
Get Up (What You Need)

Monday, April 08, 2013

Dr. Zhivago

Song: Dr. Zhivago
Artist: Neon Neon
Album: Praxis Makes Perfect

I was way late to the party with Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip's (a.k.a. Neon Neon) "Stainless Style," the Mercury Prize-nominated album the two did in 2008, a concept album about the life and times of John DeLorean.  But man, what a record.  A synth-pop masterpiece centered around one of the oddest characters in American modern manufacturing history.  If you don't know it, drop what you're doing immediately and check out this record: Neon Neon – Stainless Style

I loved that album, and subsequently loved Rhys' 2011 solo album "Hotel Shampoo."  (This all after my friend, and reader Rob, tried his best to get me into his 90s band Super Furry Animals.  Whom I still need to try again listening to.)

Anyhow, it was with much surprise to just about everyone when earlier this year Neon Neon posted a picture of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, with the subtitle "NN2," hinting at a new record.

So here we are with "Praxis Makes Perfect," a brand new album from the band, keeping it's synth-pop feel and this time yes; about the life and times of publisher and left-wing political activist Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, another interesting figure with a varied and mysterious life history.  But can lightening strike twice?

Well, I'm not sure.  Two odd things; 1) the synth-pop thing worked so well for John DeLorean because the overall arch of his history was tied to the excess of the 80s.  While I love synth-pop, the questions arrises how it works within the concept of a man that died in the early 70s.  And 2) there just isn't anything here as mind-blowing as "Rachel," as catchy as "Dream Cars" or "I Told Her on Alderaan" and possibly as off-the-rails as "I Lust You" or "Sweat Shop."

BUT, I've recently had a moment with "Praxis," after several listens where things have started to come together.  In some ways it could be described as a more adult record that "Stainless."  It's less immediately in your face, and therefore takes a bit more time to feel out.  And like "Stainless," "Praxis" gains weight the more you learn about the mysterious figure at the heart of the concept, and then how the songs relate to an aspect of his life.  (This is helped pretty quickly with a perusal of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli's Wikipedia article.)

It's hard not to compare the two albums, but letting "Praxis Makes Perfect" speak for itself helps reveal its charms a bit more.  I'm about... a third way there I'd say.  If nothing else I've been challenged by this record, you should let yourself be as well.

The album was co-written by playwright Tim Price, with theater performances scheduled.


Unfortunately little of the album is available to stream anywhere.  (It was mysteriously on Spotify very early but is now gone.)  Hear the single below.

Mid Century Modern Nightmare
Gruff Rhys on Praxis Makes Perfect

Friday, April 05, 2013


Song: Ilium
Artist: Alex Metric
Album: Ammunition pt. 3

Okay Friday... let's hit it.

I totally knew the name, but I didn't really know Alex Metric until just recently, with the release of the THIRD part in his Ammunition E.P. series.  Got it on a lark after reading some great reviews and beginning with track one "Ilium..." I.  was.  floored.

"Ilium" builds and builds and explodes and is just everything you want from some hard-hitting, yet partly euphoric, dance-floor freak out.  It's... a big deal.  And actually, the other three tracks on this EP are pretty amazing in their own right.  Who is this guys again?

British DJ that got his start remixing for the likes of Depeche Mode, La Roux, N.E.R.D., and Bloc Party to name a few, he's also done production work for The Infidels as well as Snow Patrol.  I'm getting the impression this guy is just getting started.

A quick perusal of my iTunes proved I had several of the man's remixes, so it was time to rediscover and get to know this English dance-floor killer a bit better.

Ammunition(s) pt. 1 & 2 are also very very good, more energetic instrumental future-disco.  He does remind me of Stuart Price a little... again it's the hard beats-meets-euphoria that he seems to have down.  I'm trying to decide if it was just because I heard it first, but pt. 3 is sounding the best of the bunch to me, with the first three tracks being balls-out amazing.

Metric's been at it since 2008, and while the fortunes of fate have lead me to several of his mixes randomly, there is still a lot to catch up on.

But "Ilium," and Ammunition pt. 3 are good as anyplace to start.  It's really killer.

Take a listen to three choice cuts below, but I've also put together a playlist on Spotify to prime you for the weekend:

Includes Ammunition pt. 2 & 3 as well as some single EP releases and a TON of remixes.


Want Ya
Rave Weapon

Thursday, April 04, 2013

You Are My Destiny

Song: You Are My Destiny
Artist: The Juan Maclean
Album: You Are My Destiny

I love The Juan Maclean.  So it's no surprise that I love newly surfaced track "You Are My Destiny."  It does remind me of arguably his crowning achievement, "Happy House," which... given the crowning achievement situation, isn't such a bad thing.

I'm not finding anything about this as a single on his website, or if a new record is imminent.  I hope so, I liked Everybody Get Close okay... but he's due for a proper album.

Oh, also... since I missed this, you should also check out "Can't Let Go" from his side project Peach Melba.  Apparently it was considered "too house" for the proper moniker.  I get it, and still dig it.  (listen below)

But anyhow... the more I listen to "You Are My Destiny" the more I love it.  Vocals once again by Nancy Whang, who writes the lyrics as well.  Another killer collab, after the equally amazing "Feel So Good."

Winner winner.  I'm in a dance mood y'all, look out.


You Are My Destiny

Can't Let Go - Peach Melba

Feel So Good

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Things That Last Forever

Song: The Things That Last Forever
Artist: Footprintz
Album: Escape Yourself

Calling contemplative 80s synth fans...

Footprintz are a Montreal, Canada-based duo whom have been making waves since 2011 with their "Utopia" EP, as well as a string of singles last year building up to the release of their debut album, "Escape Yourself," which was released last month.  Upon first listen I was intrigued, and the more I hear the more I'm digging... this is pretty great.

While definitely influenced by 80s synth-pop, there is also a very modern take to the chopping and use of loops and deep, intricate production here.  It's a throwback with a side-eye toward the future.   Mood and contemplative lyrics are at the forefront, with catchy, danceable hooks taking the backseat.  This isn't a terrible thing, as it's all so rich... and sexy.

Start you off right with the first track, "The Things That Last Forever," which... and not to ruin this for you but is somehow giving me "Grease is the word" vibes.  And at the same time... not at all.

This one is made for late-night drives and intimate encounters.


The Things That Last Forever
Heaven Felt Like Night

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

You / Me / Evolution

Song: You / Me / Evolution
Artist: The Amplifetes
Album: Where is the Light

Well here's a nice surprise... new music from The Amplifetes, the Swedish foursome who's 2010 self-titled debut was pretty amazing.  They are returning with their sophomore set "Where is the Light," which was just released in February.

The title track was the first single, a pounding, dark, little jam that also opens the album after a brief intro.  Current single "You / Me / Evolution" just got the music video treatment, (see below) and is a real winner, bouncy and awash in dramatic synths and robot-treated voices.  The chant of "Evolution, evolution" is rather cool as well... and that bass groove, hot!  I'm also enjoying "My Heart is Leaving Town," another darkly-pounding track that has a light, catchy little chorus.

I might not be hearing something as instant as "Someone New" this time around... but I'm still getting to know this album.  It feels very assured, the type of bigger! harder! faster!-mode of sophomore album.  But that's not a dept... they are just aiming to please.

The new album isn't on Spotify yet, but the debut is... as well as this new single.

Check this band out if you don't know them.


You / Me / Evolution
Where is the Light