Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Song: 212
Artist: Azealia Banks
Album: 212

Well speaking of Azealia Banks, the mysterious chick collaborating on the the new Scissor Sisters single under the name Krystal Pepsy... here's her sole song that's been burning up the internet, and now New York City, the town it's about.  Pitchfork called this "best new song" just a month ago, and she recently just topped NME's cool list.  And she ain't even signed yet.  Pay attention.

Banks, 20 originally from Harlem, went to the same school of the performing arts, Manhattan's LaGuardia High School, as Nicki Minaj, whom she is getting many comparisons to.

"212" is incredibly vulgar, infectious, and charming.  And take a look at the below video.  Despite its simplicity... you can tell this girl is a star.  This track has been blowing my mind.  You need to hear it.  Also, check out her minimal electro take on Interpol's "Slow Hands."  Very cool.


Slow Hands

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