Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why You Wanna

Song: Why You Wanna
Artist: Poolside
Album: Pacific Standard Time

It might be the last official weekend of the Summer, but now you can have the calm serenity of a lazy Summer day... any day, with L.A. Duo Poolside's fab new slice of "Daytime Disco, "Pacific Standard Time."

I've been a recent sucker for these daylight hours, cocktail-time, laid-back house mix albums and "P.S.T." comes as a late-Summer surprise.  It's seventy-two minutes of blissed-out downtempo grooves best enjoyed by some kind of body of water.  Or in my case... my office.

Filip Nikolic & Jeffrey Paradise formed Poolside in 2011, a distraction from their soul-raking work trying to write hit songs for pop stars.  Apparently "P.S.T." was written very quickly and on much alcohol.  It still manages to be a killer listen.

This is another great mood record that also works for cleaning house, doing your bills, or finally organizing the pantry.  Vocals are minimal and usually hidden behind layers and layers of effects, it's about mood, relaxing, and the transcendental experience of doing absolutely nothing and having it feel like everything.

Check out the Hercules and Love Affair-esque "Why You Wanna," as well as their insane minimalist-disco take on Neil Young's "Harvest Moon."  But this is an album less about key tracks and more about the journey taken.  Just put it on and chill the fuck out okay?

REALLY enjoying this one, check it out.


Why You Wanna
Harvest Moon
Give it a Rest

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