Monday, November 15, 2010

Summer Nights

Song: Summer Nights
Artist: Florrie
Album: Introduction

I first heard of Florrie while researching remixes by Fred Falke, who is tied to the Xenomania production team (Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys) whom Florrie joined in 2008 as their drummer.  This year Florrie is branching out on her own after honing her skills in writing and production.  She's been recording tracks and releasing them via her website, all while really trying to figure out what her sound was going to be.  To which she told Ponystep recently:

"It’s going to be a big mixture: Kind of a sixties, organic feel merged with modern pop beats and electronics"

After a couple of songs (not "singles") were sent out into the blogospehere, she's "officially" released the four-track EP "Introduction," possibly meant as the first real taste of what to expect from Florrie in the future and for her debut album.  "Call of the Wild" has a little surf guitar, some gurgling beats, and some "She Wolf"-esque howling.  Immediately with this track we hear her 60's go-go influence met with modern beats and electronics.  "Give Me Your Love" is the most "pop" of the tracks and feels the most single-ready.  Piano-based, but beat heavy... it's a nice track but lacks a bit of the edge that "Call of the Wild" hinted at.  Though when it kicks in at the two minute mark... you're paying attention.

My hands-down favorite track is the 80's-inspired "Summer Nights," which has an inescapable guitar lick and a great melodic chorus that I've fallen for.  It's a little tough-chick rock mixed with electro-dance-pop.  Love.  Last track "Left Too Late" slows things down initially for a moody mid-tempo electro ballad, until it explodes over a sing-a-long-or-be-damned chorus.  Impressive.

People have been saying Florrie is one to watch, and partly because of her grassroots style of marketing. In a very interesting let's-see-how-this-works concept... Florrie has thus far made EVERYTHING she's done available online for free.  Take a look at her website.  There you can download not only this four-track EP in its entirety, but all her early tracks, remixes, etc.  (And at different file sizes/bit rates to boot.)  She's encouraging music fans and bloggers to spread the word via their own websites, Twitter, Facebook... it's interesting.  And hey... the music s pretty good.  Check her out.


Summer Nights

Call of the Wild

Give Me Your Love

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