Friday, September 10, 2010

You Put a Smell on Me

Song: You Put a Smell on Me
Artist: Matthew Dear
Album: Black City

I got this album about a month ago, listened once and didn't really think it was my bag.  But my friend Jorge urged me to give it a better listen, specifically the sixth track, "You Put a Smell On Me."  And wow... that song is so dark, creepy, and yet totally sexy, it will take you over.  The album itself is a swirling mix of minimal beats, his deep dark voice, and a lot of weirdness.  But I must say... it's kind of undeniably... something.  I'm listening to it more and more, if for nothing else... it can score your next nasty dungeon sex party. ;)

Matthew Dear is a Texas-born composer and producer who relocated to Michigan and got much inspiration from Detroit house music.  He's released a handful of albums since 2003 with "Black City" being his fifth.

He's also done a handful of remixes, mostly for underground dance stuff.  I see he's reworked The Juan Maclean's "Happy House" which I'll have to check out.  He's also used many different monikers,  Audion, Jaberjaw, and False... which I know nothing about.

Actually, despite only just now hearing of him, his been pretty prolific for almost a decade now... "Black City" is certainly an accomplishment, I'll be checking out more of his work.


Black City Teaser

You Put a Smell on Me

Little People (Black City)

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