Thursday, October 25, 2012

Runaway Love

Song: Runaway Love
Artist: Diamond Rings
Album: Free Dimensional

I don't know why, and especially now need to re-evaluate, but I just couldn't get into Toronto-based John O-Regan's (AKA Diamond Rings) debut album "Special Affections."  It just didn't grab me, and I never got around to highlighting it here on the blog, despite him making a bit of an underground splash.  But friend and reader Chris clued me into his amazing cover of Milla's (Jovovich) "The Gentleman Who Fell," which is about as left-of-center a cover as you can do... and it was great.

So I was quite primed for a sophomore album, and this month is seeing the release of "Free Dimensional," the follow up and  it.  is.  absolutely.  amazing.  A hard-hitting propulsive wash of 80's new wave, post-punk, and synthesizer rock, as well as modern beats and killer production.  This is a retro-future semi-masterpiece that continues to grow on me with each listen.

Stop what you're doing and take a listen to this music.

I missed the mid-summer release of single "I'm Just Me," which has a harder-edged Pet Shop Boys feel, but recent single "Runaway Love" is an absolute doozy... a youthful ode to love that's immediate, catchy, semi-dark and just all-around bloody awesome.  It's a serious contender for single of the year and one of my favorite new songs, and yet I was having a hard time picking between it and "All The Time" to highlight from the album.  "All The Time" is a bit more dancey with another chorus that's pure gold.  SO good.

Those three tracks are obsession-worthy, and have been hard to keep from hitting the repeat button.  But there is more to discover on the record, and I'm still discovering.  I love his deep, almost detached voice... best served on the poppy "Hand Over My Heart," with the deep "Bum bum" sounds over the verses.  Great stuff.

I mean it... stop what you're doing and listen to these songs now...


Runaway Love
All The Time

I'm Just Me

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nothing But History

Song: Nothing But History
Artist: Gemini Club
Album: Here We Sit

Gemini Club is a Chicago-based trio whom play no instruments... it's all computer laptops and customizable iPad Apps that they play live, which apparently has limited them to the DJ scene, which they are trying to get out of.

With comparisons to Cut Copy, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, and LCD Soundsystem, Gemini Club are right in the "what's hot, right now" scene... but they also write some great songs.

The band released their debut EP "Here We Sit" earlier this year, which friend and reader Luis introduced to me, specifically their 80's-ish "Nothing Buy History," which has become one of my favorite new songs.

The EP is pretty great in whole as well, eclectically mixing straight-forward new wave as well as more beat-driven propulsive tracks.  This band is one to watch.


Nothing But History
Show My Hands
Cassini Mission

Monday, October 22, 2012

Peanut Butter

Song: Peanut Butter (feat. Big Freeida)
Artist: RuPaul
Album: Peanut Butter

Just in time for the start of tonight's All-Star season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Ms. RuPaul Charles has released a new single, "Peanut Butter," with New Orleans' bounce music/hip hop artist Big Freeida... who sounds like Chuck D.

The song is big, attention grabbing, and... not for all tastes.  But I dig it.  I love RuPaul, and love the show... and this song, like the show, is filled with some glorious one-liners, set to a killer beat of course.

Nothing really beats "Jealous of My Boogie" as far as tie-in music to the show in my opinion, but this should get you jazzed for tonight's debut of the mini-season.

Thanks to friend and reader Nick for pointing this one out to me.


Peanut Butter
The Beginning
Jealous of My Boogie

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cast Away

Song: Cast Away
Artist: Strange Talk
Album: Cast Away

Strange Talk are a Melbourne-based electropop band that formed in early 2010 by friends Gerard Sidhu and Stephen Docker.  They released a self-titled EP last year, and have just released an amazing new single, "Strange Talk."

The band's sound has been compared to that of Passion Pit, Phoenix, Yeasayer and Cut Copy.  Which is pretty spot-on.

No word on when to expect their debut album, but this is the sound of a band to watch.  Good stuff.

Thanks to friend and reader Sean for introduction.  Sublime.


Cast Away
Climbing Walls
Eskimo Boy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Fink U Freeky

Song: I Fink U Freeky
Artist: Die Antwoord
Album: Ten$ion

Die Antwoord are a South African hip hop/rave duo whom were on Interscope for their debut album "$O$," but left after being asked to open for Lady Gaga on her current tour which they declined, and a request to make their sound more commercial from the label.  Earlier this year they released their second album "Ten$ion" on an indie label and just released a new video for current single "Fatty Boom Boom" which features an odd, quite nauseating diss to Gaga that's not all that funny, insightful, or interesting really...

But... I got watching more of their videos and they are nothing if not attention grabbing.  Musically I'm not 100% sure I'm enjoying them... but there is something about them that's quite intriguing   While it taints them a bit to have to resort to slagging Gaga to get some attention, it also worked.

"Ten$ion" is an aural assault of a listen, quite vulgar and aggressive... but quite melodic at the same time.  Their "voices" are high-pitched and more than border on annoying... but again, there's something there.

I'm really digging "I Fink U Freeky" the best, but also dig "Baby's on Fire."  Check them out below... their videos are really something else, Gaga shade aside.  Start with the video that is sure to get them even more attention, but watch the rest...  W T F???


Fatty Boom Boom
I Fink U Freeky
Baby's on Fire

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fix Ya Face

Song: Fix Ya Face
Artist: Khia
Album: MotorMouf aka Khia Shamone

This summer I went to this amazing party while on vacation that was a collaboration of two parties, one from Boston and the other a Provincetown staple.  One took over the first floor, the other the basement. It was packed, the music was great, it felt like you were in this neon-future dark maze with people dressed up and... the music was really really on point.

One of my favorite moments was while dancing to some 90's booty jam, the DJ switched to Philadelphia-born rapper Khia's 2002 slut anthem "My Neck, My Back," and the party went off.  It was truly something to behold seeing so many big burly men singing along to "my neck, my back, my pussy and my crack.  Whoa.

Incidentally Khia, who had released two other albums since that game-changing debut single, was just releasing her 4th album, the double-length Magnum Opus that is "MotorMouf aka Khia Shamone."  I haven't heard about the record at all, but since I considered "My Neck" sort of a novelty hit, I wanted to learn more about this... personality.

Well, it turns out Khia is a little insane, and making through the 22-track album is a real head-spinner.  I'm not sure I can even review it.  But with song titles like "Sit Yo Ass Down," "Pay Your Pussy Bill," "Fix Ya Face," and "Dickmatize," you can tell we're dealing with something special.

There's a lot of foulmouthed boast tracks... a lot, but there are also some more R&B-tinged tracks, and despite the title, "Dickmatize" is a Kelis-esque electro-rock burner.  Kind of amazing.  The album just goes on and on, could probably use some editing but there's a lot of good tracks here.  It's just so insane.  Check out the also Kelis-esque "Turn You Out," with its fluctuating tempo and schizophrenic come-on's.  Crazy!

I'm highlighting "Fix Ya Face," which is apparently a Lil Kim dis track because it's... oh just go listen to it!

Fix Ya Face
Pay Yo Pussy Bill

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Song: Magpie
Artist: Beth Orton
Album: Sugaring Season

I'm not going to lie... I miss the old Beth Orton.

After three albums that increased in quality as they wet along, Orton switched gears and went for a more straight-up folk sound vs. her "folktronica" that she'd made a name for herself with.  2006's "Comfort of Strangers" left me cold because of this, despite being so ready for new Beth after the straight-up amazing 1-2 punch of "Daybreaker"(2002) and "Other Side of Daybreaker." (2003)

It's been six whole years since that record, and to be honest... I kind of forgot all about her.  She's back though, with a new record of straight-up folk.  It's pretty... but... blah.

I've listened to this record the most at work, and does have a nice easy-going vibe that's good for paying half-attention.  But where is the girl I used to love?

Well, even a song co-written with The Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands (current single "Call Me the Breeze") doesn't touch the electronics... just a bit or organ.  What gives?

Album opener and former single "Magpie" sounds the most like old Beth to me, despite being straight-up folk.

Maybe she won't make us wait six years for a new record next time.


Call Me the Breeze
Something More Beautiful

Monday, October 15, 2012


Song: Lala
Artist: Kids of 88
Album: Modern Love

New Zealand's Kids of 88 are returning with their sophomore album of electro-tinged indie rock.

I was a fan of the bands debut, "Modern Love," moves into an even more melodic sound with hints of the 90's Manchester sound.  Actually... there's hints of just about everything here, it's pretty eclectic and yet always sounds like something I know but can't quite place.  This isn't a detriment... the music actually has a rather nice familiarity to it, with traces of psychedelia and acid pop.



Friday, October 12, 2012


Song: Clarity
Artist: Zedd
Album: Clarity

Zedd (Anton Zaslavski) is a German-born electronic dance producer that got his start remixing for the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Skrillex, and Lady Gaga.  He signed to Interscope Records this year and released his first major label single "Spectrum" early this summer.  His debut album "Clarity" was just released and I quite like it... growing on me more each listen.  Oh, and he's only 23.

His brand of trance-ish house may just be where all of this dance-pop that's become so popular lately here in the States is going.  It's all very European, but with artists like Flo Rida and B.E.P.'s taking harder dance beats into the Urban genre, and David Guetta getting pop-house on the pop charts... somethings got to give.  We'll see.

This album is as catchy as it is hard... and he might just be involved with pushing this type of music further.  He's producing tracks for Lady Gaga's upcoming record "ARTPOP" which will no doubt give the general public a further introduction, and as a taste of what that all may sound like, Gaga recently leaked a vocal meant to be laid-over Zedd's instrumental "Stache" from the new album, calling it a "SOUNDPUZZLE" for fans.  (listen below)  It gave the song a new dimension, and made me realize how much I'm pining to hear new stuff from her.

"Spectrum," featuring vocals by Matthew Kona, was a slow grower for me but it's a pretty excellent song.  I'm also loving "Clarity" from the new record which is also rumored to be an upcoming single, as well as "Fall Into the Sky" featuring vocals by Ellie Goulding.

Check this out... the more I listen the more I think this is the start of something.  Though... that's what they said about The Prodigy way back when eh?


Stache (Princess High/Stache - fet. Lady Gaga)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Song: Deconstruction
Artist: Fanfarlo
Album: Room Filled With Light

Fanfarlo are a London-based indie rock outfit featuring Swedish musician Simon Balthazar.  "Room Filled With Lights," is their sophomore album and was released earlier this year.

Another recommendation from friend and reader Luis, "Deconstruction" is a catchy piece of buoyant pop-rock that reminds me a bit of I'm From Barcelona, who are, incidentally also from Sweden... the land of perfect pop hooks.

The album as a whole is rather good, reminds me of David Byrne a bit, and Jukebox the Ghost, with lots of twee piano and muted synths.  The hooks take a bit of time, but they'll work their way under your skin.


Shiny Things

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Song: Burst!
Artist: Peaches
Album: Burst!

No news on a new album, but the queen of sexually agressive electronic dance music Peaches returns with a new track and remix package produced by Boys Noize and XXXexchange.

"Burst!" sounds as you expect.. a dark, pummeling track that shows Peaches at her most threatening and brazen.  She looks typically fierce/ugly on the cover sleeve... there just isn't anyone like Peaches.



Monday, October 08, 2012

Losing You

Song: Losing You
Artist: Solange
Album: Losing You

I haven't paid much attention to Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, who is set to release her third record and most likely way over being called "Beyonce's sister" whenever anything is written about her.   Sorry girl.

Solange has recently released the first single and video to her as-yet-untitled third record called "Losing You," and both are quite remarkable.  It's a laid-back record that has an 80's R&B feel, and yet sounds modern and totally fresh.  Maybe because there isn't much like it on the radio now.  After a couple listens it completely worked its way under my skin... and the lyrics are melancholy and gorgeous.  You simply have to check this out.

The song was written by Dev Hynes with Solange and produced by Hynes under his moniker Blood Orange and Kevin Barnes of indie-freak rock outfit Of Montreal.

The "art" of the music video has really been pretty stale over the past couple years, and while not attention-grabbing, "Losing You" is evocative and honestly mesmerizing.  The color palette is rather gorgeous.  Check it out below and read more about it here.


Losing You
Sleep in the Park