Thursday, August 22, 2013


Song: Daylight
Artist: Sweet Coffee
Album: Face to Face

Continuing on my Summertime House playlist are production duo Sweet Coffee.  (Patrick Bruyndonx & Raffaele Brescia) They've been around for some ten years now, and I've had their 2010 album Face to Face since it came out... but only just now am getting into it.
Prior to Face to Face the duo relied on a single female vocalist, Bibi Diabokua, who left the band prior to the recording of the album.  It changed their approach to making albums, and decided to go with several different vocalist for Face to Face.  The album has a pop-loungy vibe that incorporates soulful melodies, a little hip-hop, and Summery house beats.  It's an entirely inoffensive blend of vocally-driven tracks that put mood at the forefront.  There's also a little fusion-jazz in there... it's entirely possible you may find this cheesy.

Face to Face is three years old, so once again I'm a little behind the times on this, but it's been an essential part of my Summer soundtrack.  The duo actually have a new album that came out earlier this year, Our Moods but doesn't seem to be on Spotify, and I can't find much info on it.  I haven't listened to it as much, but it didn't feel as perfect as Face to Face to me.


Where Do We Go?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's You, It's Me

Song: It's You, It's Me
Artist: Kaskade
Album: It's You, It's Me

Talk about arriving late...

An essential part of my blissed-out Summer playlist this year has been It's You, It's Me by Kaskade, a record I got early in the season thinking it was new.  I have a slew of Kaskade remixes and a couple singles, but never listened to a full album from the American DJ.  Color me surprised when I immediately LOVED this record, only to find out it was a re-release commemorating it's tenth anniversary.  Yup, this puppy came out in 2003.  Where have I been?

It's You, It's Me is such a perfect slice of Summertime House; chilled out beats, sublime, soothing vocals... it's like the absolute perfect breeze hitting you on an otherwise scorching day.  But also, it works as the perfect sunset/cocktail hour soundtrack.  It may be ten years old, but this sounds very current to me.

This was Kaskade's debut, and I have since gone back and listened to his other output, kicking myself that it's taken me this long to have a good listen.  But then again, music comes to you at the right time... and this was my Summer for it. A new album, Atmosphere is set for release early next month, which I look forward to hearing.  It's his tenth album!

Like Lone's Lemurian, It's You, It's Me isn't really a singles album, just one you play from start to finish.  I've been meaning to make a Summer-y house mix for a while so here is the start.  I'll be adding to this in the coming months, but here's a start:


It's You, It's Me
Seeing Julia
What I Say (Soft Shuffle Mix)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Song: Borea
Artist: Lone
Album: Lemurian

This Summer I've fallen for some background-ish sunny house records that lend themselves as perfect soundtracks to lazy times at the pool, a day at the beach, or even a beautiful AM when you've got to go to work... but you transcend your situation via a cup of coffee and some music to get you through.

These wants have led me to a couple records I really got a lot of play out of, despite them being not all that new.  U.K.-based musician Lone is probably best known for his track "Pineapple Crush," which became the backplate for Azealia Banks' excellent "Liquorice."  She's apparently working with him on a new track for her endlessly delayed debut album, but the man has a lot of prior work that is certainly worth your time.

I've really fallen for the sun-drenched semi-experimental Lemurian from 2008.  Forty-minutes of soothing, stuttered beats, wave-crashing/rain falling sound effects, and dawn-broke synths that wash over you like a blanket of light.

It's certainly not a singles record, and hard to pick a particular song because it's all made to create a mood, but let's go arbitrarily with a track called "Borea," which exemplifies the stuttered-electro sound f the album.  But better yet, take a listen to the whole record below... grab the sunscreen, your favorite trashy magazine and a frozen drink... bliss awaits.


Sea Spray
Interview at Honolulu

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Apple

Song: The Apple
Artist: VV Brown
Album: Samson & Delilah

British singer, model, producer VV Brown brings us the second single off her forthcoming sophomore album Samson & Delilah.  "The Apple" is pulsating, dark track that gives me a bit Florence, a little Grace Jones, and something else I'm blanking on right now.  It's got a dark, dramatic 80s feel, yet very modern.  I'm quite liking it.

"The Apple" comes after the very odd first single "Samson," which also has an odd video. (see below.)

Samson & Delilah comes interestingly after a full other sophomore album, Lollipops & Politics was recorded and intended for release last year but pulled after the release of it's first single, "Children."

Both "Samson" and "The Apple" are a distinct departure from the sunny pop of her first notable track, "Shark in the Water" from her debut album, which I remember hearing first from a rather amazing TeenNick Degrassi promo.

Samson & Delilah is due next month.  She could be one to watch towards the end of this year.


The Apple

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Count on Me

Song: Count on Me (Feat. Moko)
Artist: Chase & Status
Album: Brand New Machine

Really digging this short-but-sweet little slice of Drum & Bass meets 90s style house from U.K. production duo Chase & Status.  The duo are probably best known for their productions for Rihanna, but they've released two full-length albums, a slew of singles, and are working on their third album, Brand New Machine which is set for release sometime later this year.

Their latest single "Lost and Not Found" is much more drum & bass, but I also like it.  I'm delving into some of their previous work to see if I like anything else.  "Count on Me" is a winner though.


Count on Me
Lost and Not Found

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Song: Applause
Artist: Lady Gaga

And here we go...

Declaring a "pop emergency," Lady Gaga has decided to release her big new single a full week early due to the leaks that started this past weekend.  And just so happens to throw her into a real head-to-head competition with Katy Perry.  (coincidence?)

I'm reluctant to gush about "Applause" in the way I initially did with "Born This Way," but I'm also at about a dozen listens and it has finally all clicked with me... I think it's just sort of perfect.  It's less weird and abrasive, yet totally Gaga.  It's very very catchy but in a way that grows... starting with loving the pre-chorus "applause, applause, applause..." and then fully realizing the impact of the chorus.  Looking forward to hearing this in a club or somewhere with people that know it.

It honestly didn't hit me as instantly as the leaked demo of new, possible ARTPOP track "Aura/Burqa" (see below) did, which might seem odd for a big comeback single, but that might also help it's longevity.  Really interested to hear how the rest of the general public responds to this.

Love this as well:

So surprises here... WeCast is in love again.

Put your hands up, make them touch.



Monday, August 12, 2013


Song: Roar
Artist: Katy Perry
Album: Prism

Katy Perry returns after the mind-boggling five straight number one singles from her sophomore album Teenage Dream with the first single from her upcoming third album Prism.  She announced the album with a big gold truck:
Which unfortunately had an accident on the way to New York.

She released a couple videos that made it clear that the Katy we knew was making way for a new Katy.

Even one with a funeral of her peppermint breasts.

Well, "Roar" the single sounds... just like the Katy Perry we know.  Infectious, shouty chorus, self-esteem lyrical content... I don't really hear growth, but it's good.  Should be a big big hit.

Media is putting a little friendly competition between her and Lady Gaga, who has her big new single "Applause" set for release next Monday.  Katy smokes Gaga with successful singles, but Gaga has the album sales by a mile.  Soon after "Roar" was announced, a new Gaga demo called "Aura/Burqa" leaked, becoming the most Googled search of the year behind "royal baby."  "Roar" leaked this weekend, and almost immediately small snippets of Gaga's song started to leak.  Is it on purpose?  Who knows.  We'll just have to see how it all pans out.

Katy may be mirroring Gaga's past a way she might not want to though.  First, take a listen to the sweetly stirring "Roar,"and then take a listen to this:


Not sure if this will have the impact that "Express Yourself/Born This Way"-gate had on Gaga.


Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Song: Automatic
Artist: Ronika

Recently discovered Ronika, AKA Veronica Sampson, a singer-DJ from Nottingham who produces her own music, and is slowly making waves with her own brand of 80s RnB-meets-pulsing electro-meets-disco.  Good stuff.

I realize now that I first heard of Ronika with her excellent remix of Little Boot's should-have-been-huge "Headphones."  Ronika has supported Boots earlier this year, as well as made collaborations with the likes of Mylo and British DJ Herve.

I recently obtained the excellent FDRHD EP which contains four tracks of groovy, retro-tinged awesomeness that I highly recommend you check out.  Standout "Automatic" is absolutely infectious.  It's as if the Pointer Sisters became one person, visited Detroit in the mid-80s and turned. shit. out. 

She doesn't have all that much on Spotify right now but you can listen to what she has below.  I'm assuming we'll be hearing more from this girl soon.


Only You

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I Love It

Song: I Love It
Artist: Robin Thicke
Album: BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge

Since we're discussing Robin and songs of the Summer....

So, remember back early last year, when I was hyping Icona Pop's "I Love It" as a possible song of the Summer?  Well I was a Summer too early, and while I think Robin's "Blurred Lines" eclipsed it this year, why not a marriage of the two?  Robin thought the same.

So Mr. #THICKE has performed a loungy version of the Brat-Pop mega-smash "I Love It" as part of the BBC's Radio 1 Live Lounge.  It's slowed down, sultry, very Robin Thicke.  A nice flip on the shouty track.

I don't care... I kind of love it.


I Love It (Robin Thicke)

Monday, August 05, 2013

Blurred Lines

Song: Blurred Lines
Artist: Nylo
Album: Indigo Summer

Chicago-born, Texas raised, L.A. living RNB singer Nylo gives us a chilled-out, electronic take on the song of the Summer.  Nice.

Nylo, who is quite a beauty, released her debut EP Memories Speak last year.  That, along with a handful of singles can be found on Spotify.

Facebook Page.

"Blurred Lines" is part of the Indigo Summer mixtape, which you can stream here:


Blurred Lines

Friday, August 02, 2013

Wake Me Up

Song: Wake Me Up
Artist: Avicii
Album: Wake Me Up (single)

Reader Sidney tipped me to this... a July single from Swedish DJ/Remixer/Producer Avicii, someone I haven't followed all that much.  "Wake Me Up" is noted as a change of pace for the producer, working with vocalist Aloe Black on a granola-meets-euphoria acoustic-guitar and driving beat track that's very "Rusted Root-tries-Molly."  It's kind of amazing.

The song immediately gave me "One Day/The Reckoning" vibes, and a bit of Bob Sinclar's Western Dream-era hits.

It's already gone #1 in the UK.

Enjoy and Happy Friday.

Wake Me Up

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Every Little Thing (Ziggy and Stephen Marley Remix)

Song: Every Little Thing (Ziggy and Stephen Marley Remix)
Artist: Eric Clapton
Album: Every Little Thing

Last Friday I highlighted the pretty excellent Legend: Remixed album which was helmed by Bob's sons' Ziggy and Stephen Marley whom also provided a brunt of the remixes contained within.  This week I stumbled upon another new remix of theirs that works so well with that album...

I'm not a Clapton fan and haven't really followed him, but he released his twenty-first (!!) album Old Sock back in March.  Sock mainly consists of covers of Clapton's favorite songs but also contains two originals, including "Every Little Thing."  The Marley brothers give it their reggae-meets-electronics rework and it's quite sublime.

I actually haven't even heard the original, but this is enough to make me think they could do a mixed artist remix record with this vibe.  I'd pick it up.

Perfect for lazy days in the sun.


Every Little Thing (Ziggy and Stephen Marley Remix)