Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Was Made for Loving You - Drop Out Orchestra with Nancy Whang

Song: I Was Made for Loving You
Artist: Drop Out Orchestra
Album: The Nancy Whang Casablanca Reworks

After The Juan Maclean dropped a whole new record featuring non-stop Nancy Whang, we're treated with a full EP of classic disco re-works vocalised by the deadpan chanteuse.  Praise!

Like they did with Peaches back in 2012, Gomma Records have done another E.P. of classic disco re-works from Casablanca Records, this time with our beloved Nancy Whang on vocals.  I mean, how can this be bad?

It's not, it's great.  Audiojack produces the sex o'clock "Like an Eagle" while Bonar Bradley helms "Working the Midnight Shift."  My favorite though, is the Drop Out Orchestra's take on the goofball, yet transcendental "I Was Made for Loving You" by Kiss.  (I know right.)  Nancy and the D.O.O.'s version turns up the thumping-sleazy-sexy-night vibe, it's really remarkable.

Check out the full E.P. here.  Or bask in all the riches Nancy Wang has given us via The Nancy Whang Playlist:


Like an Eagle - Audiojack w/Nancy Whang
Working the Midnight Shift - Bonar Bradberry w/Nancy Whang

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Outside (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Calvin Harris

Song: Outside (feat. Ellie Goulding)
Artist: Calvin Harris
Album: Motion

Some say that Calvin's music has gotten predictable, boring, and basic in it's EDM structure.

Maybe.  But when they're as good as "Outside," his latest release with "I Need Your Love's" Ellie Goulding, it's hard to argue.

4th studio album Motion is out at the end of the month on the 31st.


Slow Acid

Monday, October 20, 2014

Baby Don't Lie - Gwen Stefani

Song: Baby Don't Lie
Artist: Gwen Stefani
Album: Baby Don't Lie

It's been just shy of eight years since we've gotten a new solo single from Gwen Stefani leading up to a new album.  "Baby Don't Lie" is the first taste of Gwen's as-yet-untitled third solo album, most likely due before the end of the year.

By Gwen standards it's a bit tame, but it's a solid, catchy, pop tune that works as a good reintroduction for her back into pop landscape.


Baby Don't Lie

Friday, October 17, 2014

Supernatural - AlunaGeorge

Song: Supernatural
Artist: AlunaGeorge
Album: Supernatural

First single from AlunaGeorge's forthcoming, as-yet-unnamed sophomore album.

Catchy, punchy, quite good.



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Go All Night - Gorgon City

Song: Go All Night
Artist: Gorgon City
Album: Sirens

A little late to this Pop House party, as I was with Clean Bandit... but this is worth checking out.

Gorgon City are a production duo from the UK; Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott from North London.  Their debut album Sirens was just released this month, but their single "Real" from the album was released way back in February of 2013.  They are now on their fifth from the album, "Lover Like You" with vocals by Katy B.

Sirens the album is really stellar, a consistent, modern take on 90s House.  I really can't get enough of this new trend.

I've become partial to "Go All Night," which is bound to be a single soon.  It's got vocals by Jennifer Hudson, and it's co-written by another bubbling-under 90s revivalist; Kiesza.  It's ace... that piano!


Go All Night
Ready for Your Love
Here for You

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jealous - Nick Jonas

Song: Jealous
Artist: Nick Jonas
Album: Nick Jonas

Friend and reader Luis introduces us to a pop singer/songwriter that was in a band with his brothers for a number of years called The Jonas Brothers.  I'm not all that familiar with them. (wink-wink)

While I honestly can't name one song by the band of brothers, the self-titled second album is the big boy, grown up pop moment... Nick Jonas' Justified.  And the secret to a successful big boy pop moment is an undeniable, catchy-but-mature bop.  So here's "Jealous."  And honestly, yeah it's pretty great.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lyje (feat. SEL) - Electronic I

Song: Lyje (feat. SEL)
Artist: Electronic I
Album: Elevator

I came across this track on Spotify and tracked down the album, it's from a Lithuanian artist named Electronic I, but I can't find any info on him/the group.  The song, "Lyje" is hypnotic and moody despite not knowing what it being said. (I assume it's in Lithuanian, or Latvian, but I don't really know.)  Some of the tracks on Elevator are in English however, and searching YouTube shows that several music videos have been made for the various tracks on the album, though... not for "Lyje."

A bit of a mystery, but a nice electro-pop find.


Lyje (feat. SEL)


Monday, October 13, 2014

FROOT - Marina and the Diamonds

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds
Album: FROOT

First single from third album FROOT.

Lots of fruit metaphors crammed into an oddly structured video-game meets disco track seemingly set in space.  Left-of-center in a very Marina way.

The title-track and at least part of the album have been produced by Faultline's David Kosten.  No confirmation when the album is out but expected sometime in 2015.



Friday, October 03, 2014

Something Good/Devotion (Passion Interlude) - Estelle

Song: Something Good/Devotion (Passion Interlude)
Artist: Estelle
Album: True Romance

I honestly haven't followed Estelle much since her signature hit "American Boy," but I heard her new track "Something Good" from her forthcoming fourth album True Romance and I have done flipped.

But the track fits in with the current trend I've noticed of artists taking the sound and vibe of 90s House for their new brand of pop.  This was obviously apparent with Azealia Banks, who continues to push this sound she started on her very first EP, the apply titled 1991.  (Incidentally, her year of birth.)  Disclosure has had HUGE success bringing this sound back, and my new fav Kiesza, who even brought back acid-washed jeans for her attention grabbing "Hideaway" video, another track dripping with 90s underground club nostalgia.

But I've seen several artists looking back while making the pop of today... so of course, I made a playlist:

I'm loving all of this, and since 90s House was an underground movement, I'm hoping this is it's true pop moment.  How good would "Something Good" sound on the radio?


Something Good/Passion (Interlude)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Skulls - Röyksopp

Song: Skulls
Artist: Röyksopp
Album: The Inevitable End

Okay, was a touch meh about the E.P.  Its got moments though.

Apparently, this will be the last "album" of their career. Hence the title.  But that doesn't mean they're going to stop making music, just albums.

"Skulls" is the first track and it's dark, propulsive, and very Röyksopp.  More of a mood piece than a pop track.  The Inevitable End also contains a re-worked version of "Monument" from the E.P. (which I like better, take a listen below) as well as another new Robyn collab called "Rong."  Haha.


Monument (The Inevitable End Version)

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ba$$in - Yelle

Song: Ba$$in
Artist: Yelle
Album: Complètement fou

I was a big fan of Yelle's first album Pop Up, but didn't really connect with their follow-up Safari Disco Club.  In a surprise move, they've teamed up with American hitmaker Dr. Luke (Britney, Katy Perry, Ke$ha) who has produced their third album, Complètement fou with his team and has released it under his label, Kemosabe Records.

Everything feels a bit bigger on Complètement fou, the melodies are tight and the hooks strong.  I think it's a winner.  The title track is the first single, and I've flipped for the second track, "Ba$$in," with it's little "Okay!" shouting that reminds me of Cazwell's "Ice Cream Truck."

Since the track is in French, like the rest of the album, I really don't know what is being said here.  But thanks to Google Translate, I can!  Here's "Ba$$in":

I'd like to kiss the boy but I do not know how to tell him.
Teach me, teach me, teach me, teach me.
I love this boy dredge the last time I did it escape. 
Show me, show me, show me, show me.

Begins by making eyes at him. 
Begins by saying that he is cabbage. 
Then make circles with your pelvis, round basins with round basins with round basins with circles with your pelvis.

[Verse 2]
I'd like to dance with him like I was his date.
Teach me, teach me, teach me, teach me.
I'd like to gallop his heart when he sees me from behind. 
Show me, show me, show me, show me.

Begins by making eyes at him. 
Begins by saying that he is cabbage. 
Then make circles with your pelvis, round basins with round basins with round basins with circles with your pelvis.

Make circles with your x24 basin the x32 round
The weekend in Rome j'fais round with my pelvis.
By eating my apple j'fais round with my pelvis.

When I see men j'fais round with my pelvis, my pelvis with round, round with my pelvis.

Glad that's cleared up.  I recommend this album though.  Good fun.


Complètement fou
Bouquet Final