Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Judy's Turn to Cry

Song: Judy's Turn to Cry
Artist: Lesley Gore
Album: I'll Cry if I Want To

This is an old favorite of mine that happened to pop up on a beach-y playlist I have the other day and it's managed to follow me around for days since.  So now... I give it to you. :)

"Judy's Turn to Cry" was the rushed "sequel" follow-up to Gore's hit debut single "It's My Party" in 1963.  As a matter of fact, "Party" hit the hot 100 on May 11th, and she was in the studio recording "Judy" on the 14th!  It's a continuation on the story in "Party," though it has Gore getting back at Judy for taking her man Johnny.  Drama!

It cracks me up a bit that Gore's initial splash in the business was all about crying.  Not only these first two singles, but the debut album in which they appear, "I'll Cry if I Want To" has no less than half of the tracks with the word "cry" in the title!  Kind of depressing if you think about it, but funny now.  Can you imagine if any new female artist marketed herself around crying?  Man things have changed.

This song is so ridiculous, it works really well in the middle of just about any party playlist.  A great WTF? moment.


Judy's Turn to Cry
It's My Party
She's a Fool

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