Friday, March 09, 2012


Song: Psy-Chic
Artist: The Ssion
Album: Bent

I've only just recently discovered this Kansas City collective started and run by vocalist Cody Critcheloe.  Formed in 1996, the band released a handful of songs and videos until their debut album, "Fools Gold" was released in 2007.  Just last year they released their follow-up "Bent" which I've quite fallen for.

Heavily 80's influenced in a Madonna meets Prince way, yet with a 90's visual sensibility, The Ssion (pronounced 'the shun') create melodic dancepop that clicks all the right notes.

I recently discovered the quirky video for "My Love Grows in the Dark" and fell in love.  I liked the more upbeat "Psy-Chic" even better, and it's out-of-nowhere "Violet" quoting.  It's got a great synth groove and a killer chorus.  The rest of the album is quite good too, though I'm just getting into it.

The Ssion do dip into a too-conciously hipster shtick a bit, but the earnestness of the music balances out the weirdness.  Check this band out, especially is you're into synthesizer pop.  Official website.


My Love Grows in the Dark
Listen 2 The Grrrls

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