Thursday, August 02, 2012


Song: Henrietta
Artist: Yeasayer
Album: Fragrant World

This requires immediate action!!!

Brooklyn indie-rock act Yeasayer are gearing up to release their third album "Fragrant World" and have done an odd thing... they've leaked it, sort of... for a very short period.

Back in May the band sent a couple random people on their mailing list a CD with their first single, "Henrietta" with the instructions to leak it!
Now, the band has leaked the entire album onto the internet but hid it.  They put this up on their website:
So up until 9PM tomorrow, the entire new Yeasayer album is somewhere on the internet!  When I heard of this, there were two songs found:

Blue Paper :

Reagan's Skeleton :

Every song has a crazy visual with it, so let the hunt begin!

I've listened to several tracks and am REALLY liking what I hear.  It's wild, psychedelic funk with some amazing production.  Very very exciting.  I was such a fan of their last record, "Odd Blood" and look forward this new one.

Now of course, I have found where you can hear all of the tracks... but only until 9PM tomorrow!  Take a listen here.



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