Friday, August 03, 2012

Every Inch

Song: Every Inch
Artist: Florrie
Album: Late [EP]

After discovering Florrie in 2010, I've been eagerly awaiting a full debut album from the English electro-pop singer-songwriter.  And I'm still waiting...

After a couple of singles she released the pretty amazing four-track EP "Introduction" which featured one of my favorite tracks of 2010, "Summer Nights."  Last year she released another four-tracker called "Experiments" that I couldn't get into.

New year, new EP.  May saw the release of "Late," which seems fittingly titled.  This one is a keeper though, with single "Shot You Down" and opener "Every Inch" being highlights.  But where is this album?!?!

Well, after the release of the EP she said she was signed to a major and this would be the last independent work prior to the album.  Okay then.

At least she keeps giving us a bit of gold to keep us interested.  "Every Inch" has been a staple on my iPod for months.


Every Inch
Shot You Down
I'm Gonna Get You Back

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