Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Panic Attack (Fred Falke Remix)

Song: Panic Attack (Fred Falke Remix)
Artist: Florrie
Album: Florrie Remixes

Fred Falke Remix Week

Here was a discovery from knowing Fred more than the artist. I often use The Hype Machine to find the latest remixes from a particular DJ I like. A simple search will show what the bloggesphere has most recently churned out. So it was with a "Fred Falke" search that I found "Panic Attack" and heard of the UK's Florrie. I don't know much about her, other than that she's from London and seems to have about three songs thus far. She has a MySpace page you can check out, and her official website. The website is more like a blog, and seems to mainly just highlight whom has recently remixed either "Panic Attack" or "Call 911."

I'll be honest and admit that I've only listened to Falke's remixes of the two tracks, and while both come across as very Falke... they don't really tell me exactly what kind of artist Florrie is. "Panic Attack" reminds me a lot of Kylie, while "Call 911" in both its tone and attitude give me sort of South London's answer to Ke$ha. (Is it a coincidence that Falke did "Tik Tok?") I personally like "Panic Attack" best, though I don't really hear hit material really... it's good, but maybe just good worked into a pop-house set. (Though the Euro-pop scene works completely different from the more hip-hop leaning pop we have here.)

As I've tried to dig up some info on Florrie, I noticed that her MySpace page address ended with "xenomania" after her name. Of course Xenomania are the British songwriting team that helmed the Pet Shop Boys latest and very successful "Yes" as well as wrote and produced many tracks off the latest Annie album. They most recently worked on the latest Kylie album (ha!) and are frequent collaborators with... Mr. Fred Falke. Which no doubt explains the Florrie connection. Their Wikipedia page shows that they are working with some new artists that they've signed to their label (Alex Gardner, Jessie Malakouti, and Vagabond) and some extra digging saw that Florrie may also be part of that group. (Come to think of it... that "Vagabond album project" that was mentioned on Falke's page, must be for that band/artist. I'll have to look them up.)

You can get all of Florrie's tracks and remixes on her main website in two different file sizes/bit rates. How nice! Looks like we may be waiting a while for an album proper from her, but I'll be waiting/listening.


Panic Attack (Fred Falke Remix)

Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

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