Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Starry Eyed

Song: Starry Eyed
Artist: Ellie Goulding
Album: Lights

Currently the toast of the U.K. music scene, Ellie Goulding has been garnering a lot of buzz for her synthpop-ish folktronica, her debut album, "Lights" was released yesterday. A dash of Dido with a little Sally Shapiro, Ellie makes very sweet folk-pop with soaring vocals and subtle electronics. She made an initial splash with the single "Under the Sheets" but got more attention from her second single "Starry Eyed" which went to #4 on the U.K. singles chart. More immediate (and produced) than Sally, and less wet-blanket than Dido, Goulding's music might fill a space from what's needed right about now... nice and catchy, sweet and familiar, I'm not sure if I hear a single that will get America's attention, but hell... it's way better than James bloody Blunt.


Starry Eyed

Under the Sheets

Guns & Horses