Monday, December 21, 2009

All Over the World

Song: All Over the World
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Yes

Best of 2009

It was an electro-pop year, and who better to make one of the best electro-pop records of the year than the kings of electro-pop, the Pet Shop Boys. 80's survivors that continue to make great pop music even if they have lost the pop audience they once had. "Fundamental," their last album was a critical success, but I never connected with it. "Yes," their tenth studio album was less loved critically, yet it contained some of their best pop to date. Singles "Love Etc." and "Did You See Me Coming?" were pure P.S.B., and album tracks "Pandemonium" and "Vulnerable" proved that they are album artists through and through.

My favorite track was recent single (and Tchaikovsky sampling) "All Over the World." While 2009 ushered in many new pop acts to the electro scene, the Pet Shop Boys proved once again why they are elder statesman.


All Over the World

Did You See Me Coming?

Beautiful People

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