Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Song: Jamaica
Artist: Van She
Album: Idea of Happiness

Van She are a Sydney, Australia-based electropop band that I first heard via their '05/'08 single "Kelly."  I actually never got their debut record, sort of forgot about them, aside from coming across an interesting cover of The Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper."

The band have just released their sophomore album, "Idea of Happiness" and it's quite good.  This is a summer record filled with lazy-yet-gropping melodies, synths, and at times a Fleetwood Mac-esque take on electro.  Steel drum and similar-sounding percussion dance on a warm ocean breeze, as glorious synths take you away.  This should have soundtrack-ed my entire Summer.

Singles like the title track and "Jamaica" really pop, but it's songs like "You're My Rescue," which sounds like the band might break into Mac's "You Make Loving Fun" that hint at something more than just a catchy collection of dancepop.

Really have been enjoying this record, check it out.


Ideas of Happiness
You're My Rescue

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mymusicmission said...

I heard these guys on We Are Hunted and became obsessed! Such a fun album.