Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Imagine It Was Us

Song: Imagine It Was Us
Artist: Jesse Ware
Album: Devotion: The Gold Edition

If you haven't picked up Jessie Ware's 2012 debut "Devotion" yet, here yet another reason to do so...  The album is being re-released as a "Gold Edition" with some new tracks including the new single "Imagine it Was Us," which is one my favorite things she's ever done.

Adding a house-y beat to her brand of modern-Sade R&B, Ware effortlessly and flawlessly adds a new element to her sound that I certainly wasn't expecting.  The just released video (see below) has her seriously vying as the heir to Janet Jackson's long-deserted throne.  Floored.

Listen to this immediately, then go buy this record!


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Imagine it Was Us
Wildest Moments (Remix feat. A$AP Rocky)
Running (Disclosure Remix)

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