Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Things That Last Forever

Song: The Things That Last Forever
Artist: Footprintz
Album: Escape Yourself

Calling contemplative 80s synth fans...

Footprintz are a Montreal, Canada-based duo whom have been making waves since 2011 with their "Utopia" EP, as well as a string of singles last year building up to the release of their debut album, "Escape Yourself," which was released last month.  Upon first listen I was intrigued, and the more I hear the more I'm digging... this is pretty great.

While definitely influenced by 80s synth-pop, there is also a very modern take to the chopping and use of loops and deep, intricate production here.  It's a throwback with a side-eye toward the future.   Mood and contemplative lyrics are at the forefront, with catchy, danceable hooks taking the backseat.  This isn't a terrible thing, as it's all so rich... and sexy.

Start you off right with the first track, "The Things That Last Forever," which... and not to ruin this for you but is somehow giving me "Grease is the word" vibes.  And at the same time... not at all.

This one is made for late-night drives and intimate encounters.


The Things That Last Forever
Heaven Felt Like Night

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