Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Standing on the Shore

Song: Standing on the Shore
Artist: Empire of the Sun
Album: Walking on a Dream

Best of 2009

My favorite out of nowhere band of the year. I stumbled across this album from a blog, and aside from it playing on my personal stereo, I heard NOTHING about Empire of the Sun. Anywhere. Yet, the band won no less than seven AIRA Awards (Australian Recording Industry) for their debut "Walking on a Dream." Usually there is a little cross over from both Down Under and the UK over here by hipster DJ's, but I didn't hear any Empire of the Sun.

It's too bad, but maybe their 80's-inspired, lush electro-pop just isn't what's happening here. And honestly... when I listen to the album, I do hear a little Lite FM vibe, like days gone by. But, that shouldn't distract from the album which really is pretty great. First single "Walking on a Dream" was an attention grabber, and further singles "We Are the People" and "Standing on the Shore" proved they had a particular sound they had developed. Lush, sweeping pop on the grand scale. And despite the goofy name, and AWFUL cover art, Empire of the Sun don't go over-the-top in their fantasy movie inspired schtick.

If you haven't checked this out yet, do yourself a favor. Fun record.

On second thought... after taking another look at their videos... they are WAY over the top. But it's good.


Can't embed these video's, but link to them below, see the TRAILER to Standing on the Shore directly below.

We Are the People

Without You

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