Friday, April 05, 2013


Song: Ilium
Artist: Alex Metric
Album: Ammunition pt. 3

Okay Friday... let's hit it.

I totally knew the name, but I didn't really know Alex Metric until just recently, with the release of the THIRD part in his Ammunition E.P. series.  Got it on a lark after reading some great reviews and beginning with track one "Ilium..." I.  was.  floored.

"Ilium" builds and builds and explodes and is just everything you want from some hard-hitting, yet partly euphoric, dance-floor freak out.  It's... a big deal.  And actually, the other three tracks on this EP are pretty amazing in their own right.  Who is this guys again?

British DJ that got his start remixing for the likes of Depeche Mode, La Roux, N.E.R.D., and Bloc Party to name a few, he's also done production work for The Infidels as well as Snow Patrol.  I'm getting the impression this guy is just getting started.

A quick perusal of my iTunes proved I had several of the man's remixes, so it was time to rediscover and get to know this English dance-floor killer a bit better.

Ammunition(s) pt. 1 & 2 are also very very good, more energetic instrumental future-disco.  He does remind me of Stuart Price a little... again it's the hard beats-meets-euphoria that he seems to have down.  I'm trying to decide if it was just because I heard it first, but pt. 3 is sounding the best of the bunch to me, with the first three tracks being balls-out amazing.

Metric's been at it since 2008, and while the fortunes of fate have lead me to several of his mixes randomly, there is still a lot to catch up on.

But "Ilium," and Ammunition pt. 3 are good as anyplace to start.  It's really killer.

Take a listen to three choice cuts below, but I've also put together a playlist on Spotify to prime you for the weekend:

Includes Ammunition pt. 2 & 3 as well as some single EP releases and a TON of remixes.


Want Ya
Rave Weapon

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