Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy House

Song: Happy House
Artist: The Juan Maclean
Album: The Future Will Come

Over the last two weeks I have been really digging The Juan Maclean’s sophomore album, “The Future Will Come.” I couldn’t get into their debut, “Less Than Human” from 2005, but “The Future Will Come” is an interesting mix of indie-techno, house, and driving moodscapes. It’s not without it’s bad track or two (see “Human Disaster”) and could have, admittedly, been elevated with singers with more vocal chops… but it has an odd charm to it, enough that I’ve put it in the days playlist just about everyday over the last two weeks.

My favorite track is the epic final track called “Happy House.” It’s a twelve-plus minute adventure that starts with typically repetitive beats mixes with house-style piano, but then really kicks in when the vocals come up at two minutes in. The album reminds me of a mix of Junior Boys meets LCD Soundsystem… the latter’s influence can certainly be heard in the title track, which sounds like it bites the beat from LCD’s classic “Losing My Edge.”

Elsewhere the album mixes 80’s New Wave and disco influences, summed up in a decidedly indie vibe. Actually, I also hear a Hercules and Love Affair sound as well… especially in the also epic middle track “Tonight.” This is a good record, I recommend!


Happy House

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