Tuesday, April 02, 2013

You / Me / Evolution

Song: You / Me / Evolution
Artist: The Amplifetes
Album: Where is the Light

Well here's a nice surprise... new music from The Amplifetes, the Swedish foursome who's 2010 self-titled debut was pretty amazing.  They are returning with their sophomore set "Where is the Light," which was just released in February.

The title track was the first single, a pounding, dark, little jam that also opens the album after a brief intro.  Current single "You / Me / Evolution" just got the music video treatment, (see below) and is a real winner, bouncy and awash in dramatic synths and robot-treated voices.  The chant of "Evolution, evolution" is rather cool as well... and that bass groove, hot!  I'm also enjoying "My Heart is Leaving Town," another darkly-pounding track that has a light, catchy little chorus.

I might not be hearing something as instant as "Someone New" this time around... but I'm still getting to know this album.  It feels very assured, the type of bigger! harder! faster!-mode of sophomore album.  But that's not a dept... they are just aiming to please.

The new album isn't on Spotify yet, but the debut is... as well as this new single.

Check this band out if you don't know them.


You / Me / Evolution
Where is the Light

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