Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back 2 the Wild

Song: Back 2 the Wild
Artist: Basement Jaxx
Album: Music

I distinctly remember buying Basement Jaxx first album, Remedy back in college.  Aside from getting L.A. Style debut album (whoa!) it was the first "techno" album I'd gotten.  It's hard not to see it as pretty straight-forward dance-pop music now, but I remember at the time it was my intro into (semi-underground) electronic dance music.  (As a boy growing up in the rural U.S.)  I also remember my friends didn't much care for it, and people who I knew that were into "techno" didn't care for it either.  Oh well.

Cut to fourteen years later and Basement Jaxx are still doing it.  Good on them... and well hey, good on me for spotting the brilliance way back then!

"Back 2 the Wild" is the English duo's first single from their upcoming 7th album Music which is due sometime this year.  It's another bat shit-crazy world-music-sounds meets the dancefloor romp.  It reminds me of "Raindrops" a little, very very Basement Jaxx.  I like it.

Their last three albums didn't grab me as much as their first three... but I've always got time for Basement Jaxx, as mentioned... they are an important part of my musical history.


Back 2 the Wild

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