Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Song: Automatic
Artist: Ronika

Recently discovered Ronika, AKA Veronica Sampson, a singer-DJ from Nottingham who produces her own music, and is slowly making waves with her own brand of 80s RnB-meets-pulsing electro-meets-disco.  Good stuff.

I realize now that I first heard of Ronika with her excellent remix of Little Boot's should-have-been-huge "Headphones."  Ronika has supported Boots earlier this year, as well as made collaborations with the likes of Mylo and British DJ Herve.

I recently obtained the excellent FDRHD EP which contains four tracks of groovy, retro-tinged awesomeness that I highly recommend you check out.  Standout "Automatic" is absolutely infectious.  It's as if the Pointer Sisters became one person, visited Detroit in the mid-80s and turned. shit. out. 

She doesn't have all that much on Spotify right now but you can listen to what she has below.  I'm assuming we'll be hearing more from this girl soon.


Only You

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