Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Song: Applause
Artist: Lady Gaga

And here we go...

Declaring a "pop emergency," Lady Gaga has decided to release her big new single a full week early due to the leaks that started this past weekend.  And just so happens to throw her into a real head-to-head competition with Katy Perry.  (coincidence?)

I'm reluctant to gush about "Applause" in the way I initially did with "Born This Way," but I'm also at about a dozen listens and it has finally all clicked with me... I think it's just sort of perfect.  It's less weird and abrasive, yet totally Gaga.  It's very very catchy but in a way that grows... starting with loving the pre-chorus "applause, applause, applause..." and then fully realizing the impact of the chorus.  Looking forward to hearing this in a club or somewhere with people that know it.

It honestly didn't hit me as instantly as the leaked demo of new, possible ARTPOP track "Aura/Burqa" (see below) did, which might seem odd for a big comeback single, but that might also help it's longevity.  Really interested to hear how the rest of the general public responds to this.

Love this as well:

So surprises here... WeCast is in love again.

Put your hands up, make them touch.



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