Thursday, August 01, 2013

Every Little Thing (Ziggy and Stephen Marley Remix)

Song: Every Little Thing (Ziggy and Stephen Marley Remix)
Artist: Eric Clapton
Album: Every Little Thing

Last Friday I highlighted the pretty excellent Legend: Remixed album which was helmed by Bob's sons' Ziggy and Stephen Marley whom also provided a brunt of the remixes contained within.  This week I stumbled upon another new remix of theirs that works so well with that album...

I'm not a Clapton fan and haven't really followed him, but he released his twenty-first (!!) album Old Sock back in March.  Sock mainly consists of covers of Clapton's favorite songs but also contains two originals, including "Every Little Thing."  The Marley brothers give it their reggae-meets-electronics rework and it's quite sublime.

I actually haven't even heard the original, but this is enough to make me think they could do a mixed artist remix record with this vibe.  I'd pick it up.

Perfect for lazy days in the sun.


Every Little Thing (Ziggy and Stephen Marley Remix)

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