Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Song: Borea
Artist: Lone
Album: Lemurian

This Summer I've fallen for some background-ish sunny house records that lend themselves as perfect soundtracks to lazy times at the pool, a day at the beach, or even a beautiful AM when you've got to go to work... but you transcend your situation via a cup of coffee and some music to get you through.

These wants have led me to a couple records I really got a lot of play out of, despite them being not all that new.  U.K.-based musician Lone is probably best known for his track "Pineapple Crush," which became the backplate for Azealia Banks' excellent "Liquorice."  She's apparently working with him on a new track for her endlessly delayed debut album, but the man has a lot of prior work that is certainly worth your time.

I've really fallen for the sun-drenched semi-experimental Lemurian from 2008.  Forty-minutes of soothing, stuttered beats, wave-crashing/rain falling sound effects, and dawn-broke synths that wash over you like a blanket of light.

It's certainly not a singles record, and hard to pick a particular song because it's all made to create a mood, but let's go arbitrarily with a track called "Borea," which exemplifies the stuttered-electro sound f the album.  But better yet, take a listen to the whole record below... grab the sunscreen, your favorite trashy magazine and a frozen drink... bliss awaits.


Sea Spray
Interview at Honolulu

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