Thursday, August 22, 2013


Song: Daylight
Artist: Sweet Coffee
Album: Face to Face

Continuing on my Summertime House playlist are production duo Sweet Coffee.  (Patrick Bruyndonx & Raffaele Brescia) They've been around for some ten years now, and I've had their 2010 album Face to Face since it came out... but only just now am getting into it.
Prior to Face to Face the duo relied on a single female vocalist, Bibi Diabokua, who left the band prior to the recording of the album.  It changed their approach to making albums, and decided to go with several different vocalist for Face to Face.  The album has a pop-loungy vibe that incorporates soulful melodies, a little hip-hop, and Summery house beats.  It's an entirely inoffensive blend of vocally-driven tracks that put mood at the forefront.  There's also a little fusion-jazz in there... it's entirely possible you may find this cheesy.

Face to Face is three years old, so once again I'm a little behind the times on this, but it's been an essential part of my Summer soundtrack.  The duo actually have a new album that came out earlier this year, Our Moods but doesn't seem to be on Spotify, and I can't find much info on it.  I haven't listened to it as much, but it didn't feel as perfect as Face to Face to me.


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