Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's You, It's Me

Song: It's You, It's Me
Artist: Kaskade
Album: It's You, It's Me

Talk about arriving late...

An essential part of my blissed-out Summer playlist this year has been It's You, It's Me by Kaskade, a record I got early in the season thinking it was new.  I have a slew of Kaskade remixes and a couple singles, but never listened to a full album from the American DJ.  Color me surprised when I immediately LOVED this record, only to find out it was a re-release commemorating it's tenth anniversary.  Yup, this puppy came out in 2003.  Where have I been?

It's You, It's Me is such a perfect slice of Summertime House; chilled out beats, sublime, soothing vocals... it's like the absolute perfect breeze hitting you on an otherwise scorching day.  But also, it works as the perfect sunset/cocktail hour soundtrack.  It may be ten years old, but this sounds very current to me.

This was Kaskade's debut, and I have since gone back and listened to his other output, kicking myself that it's taken me this long to have a good listen.  But then again, music comes to you at the right time... and this was my Summer for it. A new album, Atmosphere is set for release early next month, which I look forward to hearing.  It's his tenth album!

Like Lone's Lemurian, It's You, It's Me isn't really a singles album, just one you play from start to finish.  I've been meaning to make a Summer-y house mix for a while so here is the start.  I'll be adding to this in the coming months, but here's a start:


It's You, It's Me
Seeing Julia
What I Say (Soft Shuffle Mix)

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