Friday, February 11, 2011

Born This Way

Song: Born This Way
Artist: Lady Gaga
Album: Born This Way

Over the two and a half years that has been Lady Gaga's entire career it's become clear that she is not a flash in the pan.  I've been really enjoying her since her debut "The Fame" and was pretty blown away by her mini-release "The Fame Monster" which was written as bonus tracks for a re-release of the debut.  But with "Bad Romance," "Telephone," and "Alejandro" included, some of her biggest hits... it was clear this woman had something going on.  And was just getting started.

Today sees the release of her new single "Born This Way," from the album of the same name which will come out in May.  "Born This Way" the album will either cement her as the mega-star of this generation or will show a few cracks in her rocket ship to relevance.  Everything she's done has been bigger than the thing before, a hard track to follow... so what of "Born This Way?"

Given her passion and commitment in 2010 to the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, as well as champion for her "Little Monsters," she's been an advocate to all who are different in whatever way.  And "Born This Way" the single is meant as an anthem for the freaks.  But how much can be done by a single pop song?

Well by years end in 2010 we saw the repeal of DADT... and in a wild out-on-a-limb prediction, WeCastMusic is going on record to say that by the end of 2011, Lady Gaga will have established herself as not only a superstar on the level of Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson, but as also someone who has influenced the youth of the world toward a new wave of tolerance and inclusion and away from hate and prejudice.  Overreaching?  Well listen to "Born This Way."

I've listened to this track about a dozen times this AM.  At first I was unsure... but now as I get to the end of writing this I can not only say that I hear another smash hit, but that this track solidifies this woman as a songwriting force.  She set out to write a club banging self-empowerment anthem for anyone who's felt sidelined by who they are.   And she's done it.

I'll say no more now... but I honestly think I've found a new favorite song.

Readers I may have officially drank the Kool-Aid.  But I'm officially Gaga.

Happy Fucking Friday.


Born This Way

Grammy Performance

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Heff said...

Sounds a lot like Express Yourself to me. With a vogue thrown in the middle for good measure.