Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fix Ya Face

Song: Fix Ya Face
Artist: Khia
Album: MotorMouf aka Khia Shamone

This summer I went to this amazing party while on vacation that was a collaboration of two parties, one from Boston and the other a Provincetown staple.  One took over the first floor, the other the basement. It was packed, the music was great, it felt like you were in this neon-future dark maze with people dressed up and... the music was really really on point.

One of my favorite moments was while dancing to some 90's booty jam, the DJ switched to Philadelphia-born rapper Khia's 2002 slut anthem "My Neck, My Back," and the party went off.  It was truly something to behold seeing so many big burly men singing along to "my neck, my back, my pussy and my crack.  Whoa.

Incidentally Khia, who had released two other albums since that game-changing debut single, was just releasing her 4th album, the double-length Magnum Opus that is "MotorMouf aka Khia Shamone."  I haven't heard about the record at all, but since I considered "My Neck" sort of a novelty hit, I wanted to learn more about this... personality.

Well, it turns out Khia is a little insane, and making through the 22-track album is a real head-spinner.  I'm not sure I can even review it.  But with song titles like "Sit Yo Ass Down," "Pay Your Pussy Bill," "Fix Ya Face," and "Dickmatize," you can tell we're dealing with something special.

There's a lot of foulmouthed boast tracks... a lot, but there are also some more R&B-tinged tracks, and despite the title, "Dickmatize" is a Kelis-esque electro-rock burner.  Kind of amazing.  The album just goes on and on, could probably use some editing but there's a lot of good tracks here.  It's just so insane.  Check out the also Kelis-esque "Turn You Out," with its fluctuating tempo and schizophrenic come-on's.  Crazy!

I'm highlighting "Fix Ya Face," which is apparently a Lil Kim dis track because it's... oh just go listen to it!

Fix Ya Face
Pay Yo Pussy Bill

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