Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nothing But History

Song: Nothing But History
Artist: Gemini Club
Album: Here We Sit

Gemini Club is a Chicago-based trio whom play no instruments... it's all computer laptops and customizable iPad Apps that they play live, which apparently has limited them to the DJ scene, which they are trying to get out of.

With comparisons to Cut Copy, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, and LCD Soundsystem, Gemini Club are right in the "what's hot, right now" scene... but they also write some great songs.

The band released their debut EP "Here We Sit" earlier this year, which friend and reader Luis introduced to me, specifically their 80's-ish "Nothing Buy History," which has become one of my favorite new songs.

The EP is pretty great in whole as well, eclectically mixing straight-forward new wave as well as more beat-driven propulsive tracks.  This band is one to watch.


Nothing But History
Show My Hands
Cassini Mission

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