Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Song: Magpie
Artist: Beth Orton
Album: Sugaring Season

I'm not going to lie... I miss the old Beth Orton.

After three albums that increased in quality as they wet along, Orton switched gears and went for a more straight-up folk sound vs. her "folktronica" that she'd made a name for herself with.  2006's "Comfort of Strangers" left me cold because of this, despite being so ready for new Beth after the straight-up amazing 1-2 punch of "Daybreaker"(2002) and "Other Side of Daybreaker." (2003)

It's been six whole years since that record, and to be honest... I kind of forgot all about her.  She's back though, with a new record of straight-up folk.  It's pretty... but... blah.

I've listened to this record the most at work, and does have a nice easy-going vibe that's good for paying half-attention.  But where is the girl I used to love?

Well, even a song co-written with The Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands (current single "Call Me the Breeze") doesn't touch the electronics... just a bit or organ.  What gives?

Album opener and former single "Magpie" sounds the most like old Beth to me, despite being straight-up folk.

Maybe she won't make us wait six years for a new record next time.


Call Me the Breeze
Something More Beautiful

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