Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Song: Downtown
Artist: Kids of 88
Album: Sugarpills

Kids of 88 are a New Zealand New Wave/Electro dance duo who became known for their lead single "My House" back in 2008, and recently just released their full-length debut "Sugarpills" earlier this month.  I immediately connected with their album, a mix of rock and dance, beats and synths, that reminded me of London's The Infadels.

The band consists of two best friends, Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy, who site their influences as:

"Groove, mood, and slutty arrangements. 16th hi hats and hand claps. Culture and couture, Gangster and glamour."

Alright then.

There really isn't much more known about the band as their success has been relatively relegated to their home country.  But on the strength of this album, which doesn't have a bum track, I foresee them breaking out and becoming much bigger.  I actually had a hard time picking a track to highlight as they are all pretty excellent and yet none have a super catchy hook that makes one in particular stand out.  It's sort of telling of the album in that you'll want to give it a couple listens to let the songs work their way under your skin.  Last track "SQRL" is pretty epic... it's a good album closer.

Anyhow, check this out... it's GOOD.



Kids of 88 - Downtown (Official Video) from Dryden Street on Vimeo.

Just a LIttle Bit

My House

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