Monday, October 08, 2012

Losing You

Song: Losing You
Artist: Solange
Album: Losing You

I haven't paid much attention to Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, who is set to release her third record and most likely way over being called "Beyonce's sister" whenever anything is written about her.   Sorry girl.

Solange has recently released the first single and video to her as-yet-untitled third record called "Losing You," and both are quite remarkable.  It's a laid-back record that has an 80's R&B feel, and yet sounds modern and totally fresh.  Maybe because there isn't much like it on the radio now.  After a couple listens it completely worked its way under my skin... and the lyrics are melancholy and gorgeous.  You simply have to check this out.

The song was written by Dev Hynes with Solange and produced by Hynes under his moniker Blood Orange and Kevin Barnes of indie-freak rock outfit Of Montreal.

The "art" of the music video has really been pretty stale over the past couple years, and while not attention-grabbing, "Losing You" is evocative and honestly mesmerizing.  The color palette is rather gorgeous.  Check it out below and read more about it here.


Losing You
Sleep in the Park

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