Friday, December 12, 2014

Afroki - Steve Aoki (feat. Afrojack & Bonnie McKee)

Song: Afroki (feat. Afrojack & Bonnie McKee)
Artist: Steve Aoki
Album: Neon Future 1

One of the guys that helped define the "EDM" genre, Steve Aoki, released his second full-length album in September.  Neon Future 1 is the first of two volumes (second coming in 2015) and while it sounds just like what you'd expect from the genre, it also takes on the belief of a higher human consciousness that will happen in the future.  (mild eye-roll) But it's also really built for these big room, where's Molly? kind of evenings.  Dig.

I can't say I'm a big Steve Aoki fan, though his track "Beat Down" is one of my favorite ever Iggy Azealea moments.  I really checked out Neon Future 1 as he collaborated with pop hopeful and songwriting behemoth Bonnie McKee, the girl that basically made Katy Perry a superstar. (Or at least gave her the tunes.)

I had a lot of hope that Bonnie was going to really explode in 2014, despite her two 2013 singles "American Girl" and "Sleepwalker" not really taking off.  Maybe that was enough to scare her back to the drawing board.  Dunno.  Shame really.

So the only new Bonnie we got this year was a collab with Afrojack and Steve Aoki called "Afroki" (I mean, she's credited as the main songwriter and can't even get in on the title of the track?) that's on Neon Future 1.  And I have to say, it's the one stand-out track due of course... to Ms. McKee.  And yet, out of the five singles from the album... it's not one of them.

It's really some straight-up EDM but I like this track, and should hype you for the weekend.  It's "big" as the kids like to say.


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