Monday, December 15, 2014

Best of 2014 - No Enemiesz - Kiesza

Best of 2014

Song: No Enemiesz
Artist: Kiesza
Album: Sound of a Woman

It's that time of the year!  We're going to round up our favorite tracks and albums of the year, starting with some great tracks that were not highlighted over the year...

For me, Canadian singer, songwriter, and dancer Kiesza had THE single of the year with the infectious throwback "Hideaway."  Repeated views of the excellent single-take music video (see below) and subsequent EP made me wonder if a potential superstar was in the making.  "Hideaway" was part of a 90s House resurgence in 2014, and Kiesza's entire esthetique, from the dance moves to the acid-washed jeans was a nod to the decade.

When I first heard single "No Enemiesz," which was released right before the album, I had convinced myself that it was her "Poker Face," and we were about to see this girl really explode.  Well, that didn't happen and the debut album, Sound of a Woman, despite housing some corkers... was a bit of a letdown.  But Kiesza was still responsible for some of my favorite songs of the year, and "No Enemiesz" should have been bigger.  Check it out on our WeCastMusic - Best Songs of 2014 playlist, which will be growing and fleshed out over the next couple weeks into the New Year.


No Enemiesz
Giant in My Heart

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