Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ce Jeu

Song: Ce Jeu
Artist: Yelle
Album: Pop-Up

I always get a strange satisfaction from discovering something completely outside any marketing plan or advertising budget. Most music marketing is developed, thought out, and then targeted to the market and/or customer they think it would best fit (to be lucrative.) It may come from radio, print, TV, etc. but artists are presented to us so we want to buy their stuff. It’s natural, for art.

Sometimes, because I can’t seem to shake some of my hipster “too cool’ tendencies, I will dislike a band or artist simply because of the way they are presented to me and/or if they become popular in a way I don’t really care for, regardless of the music. This is, of course, ridiculous.

So when I “discover” something that is different that I dig that I wasn’t pummeled over the head with there is a certain amount of satisfaction. But this is totally arbitrary because there is a good chance that I have just missed some of the advertising and/or am just getting to the boat late somehow. Because the truth is, if it exists, it is being marketed.

Thanks to the internet, discoveries like this are both more common, and then less satisfying. Mainly because there is just so MUCH on the internet and finding an artist or band that seems underground via MySpace or the like is like shooting fish in a barrel. But when you do a Google search on your latest “nobody knows about this” discovery, you see that they have thousands of MySpace friends, fan sites, and a couple spoof videos created by fans on YouTube already. With the internet… is it even possible to be underground anymore?

Long story short I randomly discovered a French electro-pop artist by the name of Yelle, whos debut album “Pop-Up” came out early this month in Europe. It’s an infectious mix of girly vocals and catchy synth pop all completely done in French. I have no idea what she’s singing, but apparently it’s naughty… the French Peaches. I have done zero research about this woman until now so for me it’s been a little hidden pleasure I feel like I own myself. (A link to her music was posted on a message board I happened upon looking for something else.) Patently ridiculous!

Not much is said on her Wikipedia page, though I am intrigued by this:

“With her producer/guy friend Grand Marnier, who she met at a party while eating a plateful of marshmallows…”

Umm… what?

Well, if you have been feeling a French language electro-pop void in your life, be sure to fill it up with Yelle. The secret is out.


These videos are bananas.
Je Veux Te Voir

A Cause Des Garcons

Ce Jeu (Live)

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