Friday, October 03, 2014

Something Good/Devotion (Passion Interlude) - Estelle

Song: Something Good/Devotion (Passion Interlude)
Artist: Estelle
Album: True Romance

I honestly haven't followed Estelle much since her signature hit "American Boy," but I heard her new track "Something Good" from her forthcoming fourth album True Romance and I have done flipped.

But the track fits in with the current trend I've noticed of artists taking the sound and vibe of 90s House for their new brand of pop.  This was obviously apparent with Azealia Banks, who continues to push this sound she started on her very first EP, the apply titled 1991.  (Incidentally, her year of birth.)  Disclosure has had HUGE success bringing this sound back, and my new fav Kiesza, who even brought back acid-washed jeans for her attention grabbing "Hideaway" video, another track dripping with 90s underground club nostalgia.

But I've seen several artists looking back while making the pop of today... so of course, I made a playlist:

I'm loving all of this, and since 90s House was an underground movement, I'm hoping this is it's true pop moment.  How good would "Something Good" sound on the radio?


Something Good/Passion (Interlude)

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