Monday, September 15, 2014

A Simple Design - The Juan MacLean

Song: A Simple Design
Artist: The Juan MacLean
Album: In a Dream

The Juan MacLean have returned with their proper third album and longtime collaborator Nancy Whang has officially joined the group.  I wrote about Nancy earlier this year when she collaborated with Shit Robot on "Do That Dance," but just a month prior she had also done a single, "Get Down (With My Love)" with The Juan MacLean that I really loved.  It was added to "Happy House" and "You Are My Destiny" as my favorite tracks they've done together.

Oddly "Get Down (With My Love)" or "You Are My Destiny" don't appear on In a Dream, and yet it's possibly the group's best album. It's an electro-house soundscape odyssey that mixes several moods and tones yet works as a collective experience.  Opener "A Place Called Space" is big and epic, letting you know the ride that awaits you.  I'm really flipping for the laid-back semi-R&B vibe of "Running Back to You" and second-to-last track "A Simple Design" which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things they've ever done together.

I'm really really digging this record.  I'm happy Nancy has joined the band given the magic they've created together.


A Simple Design
A Place Called Space

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