Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Do That Dance - Shit Robot

Song: Do That Dance (feat. Nancy Whang)
Artist: Shit Robot
Album: We Got a Love

There's something about singer Nancy Whang's voice that works so well with epic, indie-tinged house tracks, it's a bit deadpan... which is odd, because the songs become such an emotional listening experience.  I can't get enough.

I've been loving two separate new tracks Nancy has featured on as of late, the first with her most frequent collaborator The Juan Maclean with their most recent single "Get Down (With My Love)," as well as the new single "Do That Dance" from DJ/Writer/Producer Shit Robot (AKA Marcus Lambkin.)  It's the first single off his sophomore album under the moniker called We Got a Love that was just released.

I'd wager that Nancy's best known moment is the epic closer from The Juan Maclean's sophomore album The Future Will Come, the twelve-plus minute space and time traveling odyssey "Happy House," still one of my favorite dance tracks ever.  They've collaborated since, with "Feel So Good" and now "Get Down."  And they're all amazing.

I'd heard of Shit Robot before but never took a listen... maybe it was the awful name, but it's unfortunate because I've been missing out.  Lambkin met James Murphey of LCD Soundsystem in NYC and started a DJ partnership with him in the early 00s and released a bunch of material on their DFA Records afterward, including Shit Robot's debut album From the Cradle to the Rave in 2010.  Shit Robot's work falls in line with the indie-house/punk/disco vibe of both LCD and The Juan Maclean while also maintaining a distinctive personal sound.  Vocals can be sparse or at least not the forefront, unlike "Do That Dance" which has Nancy smartly at the front of the mix.  This is some killer groovy hipster house that's good from start to finish.

Take a listen to We Got a Love here.

Beyond Shit Robot and The Juan Maclean, Nancy has sung for Holy Ghost! and also featured on one of my favorite tracks of last year, Classixx "All Your Waiting For."  She even starred in the tongue-in-cheek video.

I recommend checking out We Got a Love as well as From the Cradle to the Rave, but also Nancy Whang in general.  It's obviously The Juan Maclean heavy, but I've put together some of the Nancy moments I know in a playlist which you can listen to below.  Leave a comment below if you know of one I've missed so I can add.


Do That Dance
We Got a Love

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