Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Summer - Calvin Harris

Song: Summer
Artist: Calvin Harris
Album: Summer

It's been a long Winter.  And here's our first taste of Summer...

Calvin Harris returns after his impossibly successful third album, the ultimate collection of singles called 18 Months that sent the man's career on fire.  (He had nine UK top 10 hits from the record, surpassing Michael Jackson's record.  And Forbes names him the most successful DJ of 2013 with total revenue around $46 million.)

Even with his last single, "Thinking About You" still gaining momentum after it's release last August, Harris has a new single on the ready, a pretty Calvin-by-numbers track called "Summer" that none-the-less is catchy and well... sunny.  Harris returns to vocal duties on "Summer," last heard from his oddly huge "Feel So Close."  Is this man unstoppable?

Unsure if he's going to go for hit after hit using guest vocalists for album four, it would be nice for him to make another album in the vein of Ready for the Weekend.  We'll see.



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