Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Want it All - Karmin

Song: I Want it All
Artist: Karmin
Album: Pulses

I thought Karmin held some promise when they came out a couple years ago, getting notice doing covers of pop songs uploaded to YouTube which lead to a record deal.  I really liked their single "Brokenhearted" but was ultimately disappointed with what I thought was their debut album Hello.  Turns out that was just an EP and the band have released their true full length album after some reported delays and conflict with their record label.

Pulses comes out next week preceded by singles "Acapella," "I Want it All," and the title track.  "Acapella" didn't really grab me but I've been enjoying "I Want it All," which thankfully does not include any of Amy Renee Heidemann's grating rapping, which is all over Pulses.  It's a straight-up sunny pop song that's infectious and hummable.

I took a listen to Pulses and don't really recommend; it's a bit juvenile sounding and all over the place, maybe I need some more time with it.  Check out "I Want it All" though, great pop song.


I Want it All

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