Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hit the Waves - The Mary Onettes

Song: Hit the Waves
Artist: The Mary Onettes
Album: Hit the Waves

Friend and reader Luis introduces us to (yet another, wink-wink) Swedish band, this time Jönköping's four-piece The Mary Onettes, who come inspired by 80s/90s bands like Echo & the Bunnyman, The Cure and The Stone Roses.  Formed in 2000, the band label-hopped a bit before settling onto Sweden's Labrador where they released their self-titled album in 2007.  Just before the release of their second album disaster struck when singer/guitarist Philip Ekström had every song they had recorded stolen off a hard drive he had in his car, and the back-up he had on his home computer also died from a power surge the same day.  After regrouping, they released an EP in early '09 and then their sophomore set Islands later that year.

Hit the Waves, their third long player was released early last year and they've already followed it up with a new mini-album/EP Portico this year.  Luis played us the very Cure-like sexy title track, but I took a listen to the whole record and really liked it.  It reminded me slightly of the honestly 80s-nostalgic The Chain Gang of 1974, whom I love.

Really digging this and plan to research more of their material.  Thank you Luis!


Hit the Waves

Evil Coast
Black Sunsets

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mymusicmission said...

I love the Mary Onettes - one of my favorite tracks is "Puzzles"