Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Strokin' - Clarence Carter

Song: Strokin'
Artist: Clarence Carter
Album: Dr. C.C.

Here's something you should have in your collection... my friend Robb just introduced me to this insane soul classic from the 80s that... I mean you should really just listen to it, look at that title!

Clarence Carter is an American blues and soul singer that played, wrote, and produced music starting in the mid 60s through the late 80s.  His straight up soul sound was hit in the 70s as disco grew in popularity, which affected his.  He continued on though, and in '85 saw "Strokin'" become a word-of-mouth hit.  Deemed too risque for radio at the time, his label placed "Strokin'" into bar jukeboxes and grew from there.  The song apparently was used in Eddie Murphey's The Nutty Professor.

Carter's music appealed to a working class African-American audience and he continued to release music and tour the southern states through the 90s.  It's notable that his '68 track "Backdoor Santa" was sampled by Run D.M.C. for their own holiday classic "Christmas in Hollis."

This track has a touch of novelty in it, but Robb notes that this is the track that would get everyone up towards the end of any wedding or BBQ.


Dr. C.C.

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