Friday, March 14, 2014

You Got the Power - War

Song: You Got the Power
Artist: War
Album: Outlaw

War, the American Funk/Rock/Latin/Reggae/Jazz/Rhythm & Blues band from California is best known to me from some of their classic songs that have been used excellently in films like Dazed and Confused to Boogie Nights.  The several-member band started in 1969 and are still performing today and have been sampled by a wide range of artists given their anything goes sound.

Friend and reader Nick recently introduced me to the killer, uplifting, funk explosion of "You Got the Power," the first track off their 1982 album Outlaw.  It's got SUCH a groove... impossible to not move to this one.

Inspired by the track I finally got a much needed compilation for the band I'm just getting into.  Not the typical thing I'm listening to lately but this music is really undeniable.

Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

You Got the Power

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