Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sleepwalking - The Chain Gang of 1974

Song: Sleepwalking
Artist: The Chain Gang of 1974
Album: Daydream Forever

I really do love Spotify.  Not only do I discover new music daily through friends' feed, but listening to old playlists reminds me of artist and bands I'd kind of forgot about, or haven't followed up with in a while.  So such a situation occurred this past weekend when I heard the cinematic 80s-biting track "Don't Walk Away" by The Chain Gang of 1974.  Damn I loved that debut... and surprise!  A quick search on Spotify reveals... a sophomore album has JUST dropped earlier this month.  Marketing fail, but here we are.

The Chain Gang of 1974 is the moniker used by American musician and DJ Kamtin Mohager who resides in Los Angeles and makes epic pop that acts like the entirety of relevant culture exists solely in the filmography of John Hughes.  He's a bit tragically ignored (from what I hear on the other coast) but readers of this here blog know I've been going on about him since 2010.

So it comes with much excitement that the wait I didn't know I was in is over, and the sophomore follow up to 2011's excellent debut Wayward Fire, Daydream Forever is here!  The formula remains the same, electronic-tinged guitar-based pop music with some dark synths that nods consistently to Tears for Fears.  I've been listening to the record quite a bit and while it's not instantly grabbing me the same way the debut did, the new music is solid.  I'm just excited to let you know it's here.

"Sleepwalking" seems to be the promo single and it's the one that's jumping out to me the most.  Great stuff.

Also check out that debut album.  Maybe start there.



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